Hosting my own domain?

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I'm gonna do the big jump..

I'm setting up my own servers for educational and convenience use. I have a few static IP's and about 5 servers.

What I'd like to do is hosting my websites on one server and have a primary and secondary DNS server, which sounds reasonable. (Actually I'd be pleased to hear your advice on that point too).

I know I have to set up DNS server on the 2 servers, and so on, but how do I actually host them? I mean when I sign up for a domain name (on a registrar website), I usually have to pay for someone to host sites like and they send an authorization to my domain registrar and then from there they host the DNS servers.

How do I send the authorization, and what is the step by step method I need to take to be completely independent?

That's really a big deal for me and I would really appreciate your help.


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Hi, Kate

You can actually host your own DNS servers - even if I'm not sure that's a very good idea cause it's a real full time job...

In that way, you won't have to pay anyone. Also, while it's highly recommended that you have two DNS servers, for fault tolerance, it's not a requirement.

My best advice would be that you can use the Windows DNS server to do so, and you can even host the DNS server on the same machine as the Web server. All you need to do thiis is forwarding DNS connections to the IP address of your Web server on your private network.

In your domain configuration, you'll ask to point to the IP address on the public interface of your router for your DNS server.

Also, you can have a look here, this might help (a lot):

Don't hesitate to write another post if you have some more problems with this DNS stuff.

Good luck!
I am Very intressed In creating my own domain but the Quick-help link doesnt Work and I dont know Where To turn Any ideas?
hello, im not sure if my question is the same as the first one but. I've set up a web server, everything is running great
but I have to use my ip address such as ( view the contents. Can you please tell me
how to change that to an actual domain name? like (
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May 18, 2009 at 08:34 PM
Hello imaStuuud, if you havent found this out already, you must go to your domain registrars and log in then re-direct your domain name to point your IP address (not your routers private address)

Also check to see if there is a Masking option, this keeps your domain name in the address bar rathjer than your personal IP address.

Hope this has helped xD
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ahhh i;ve been trying to figure out bind9 and domain names for weeks, each time I get stuck and more confused, please someone post a nice and easy(dummy) version of how to setup, run, and test a DNS server such as BIND 9. and please dont just post a site name to go to. i've probly already been to it ;)
Hey was it easy on here to get your own website. also was your website domain at .com? ex. (
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Nov 19, 2008 at 01:07 PM
No ones advise here helped
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what's your problem?

start a DNS daemon
fill-in registration form at your domain's registrar with the info about the domain you want and specify your DNS's daemon ips as primary and secondary
start a HTTP daemon

that's it
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i'm tryin to hook up my internet so I dont have to pay for service and I have a bright house road runner modem that I can use
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Anyway, you have to pay to the 1st level registrar (say .com or .net or .org) to register your_domain in COM/NET/ORG/INFO domain. During this registration you must specify your modem's IP addresses as primary and secondary DNS servers. Then forward your modem's port 53/udp to your computer running DNS server for zone and forward your modem's port 80/tcp to your computer running HTTP server. Start both DNS and HTTP services.
I want to know if it is possible to host my website in my own web server at home?I am using Linux Os with Apache installed on it. so I want to know if it is possible and if it is,then please I need to know the steps I should follow to accomplish this.
The reason I'm doing this is for studies because now I'm learning by my self LAMP and also I want to learn other related web technologies ./
There is an article on this blog that describes how to get around the static ip problem without having to sign up for a Dynamic DNS account.

Hope it helps!
Jan 14, 2010 at 04:28 PM
yes u can host and power your self just like google yahoo an ask with linux servers useing apache
I would like to set up my own website, I heard it is time consuming but I already have my host name and domain name, how do I start and can this be done?
hello any one here id like to help on hosting your own domain and also be helped

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Hello everybody :) to those of you wanting to run your own website from your home pc (windows xp)
download wampserver 2.0, this is a very simple and free way of getting that site up and running, install
it to the desired location on your hard drive I think the default is C:\wamp\www
during setup your asked which default browser to use, if you are unsure just click Open to use your existing default browser.

Now you will have on your desktop the wampserver icon, open it to start your server, you can use extensions such as .php or .html for creating your websites within your newly installed dir of C:\wamp\www.

I personally use PHPNuke 8.0 as I run a gaming clan website and it suits my needs. you need html knowladge regardless of what you choose to use.

If your handy with html and you have your pages made up already simple 'upload' or drag n drop them into your C:\wamp\www folder, you should, once you have started your server up, have the icon in the system tray, left click that and choose localhost at the top to view your site.

You may link domain names to your IP address with some domain name registrars but not all, check this out before you commit to choosing your name from any registrar.

Hope this has helped some of you :)

you can e-mail me if you need to about this subject at
Thanks Re4per!

I guess this was much easier when compared to other.

I am completely a novice and would seek your assistance in assisting me in setting up my domain on this server.

I have installed this software, and when I access the "http://localhost/" the welcome screen of the software opens, I even tried opening phpMyAdmin and everything is fine.

But I have three domains of my own and I have registered them. I really do not know how to launch them on this server. I mean when I type, I wanted that to read all the web files placed on my computer.

I read through the instructions given here, and I have done it all correct, my static local IP is set to on my D-Link WiFi router and my ISPs local IP assigned to me is and it never changes. I have registered to and have my domain hosted there. Now what do I do further.

My Skype ID is bennycm, kindly assist me in setting up the remaining leftovers.

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Dec 4, 2009 at 11:26 PM

Dear you don't have to register with no-ip if your ISP has provided you a static IP. Go to your domain resiterar and modify your domain name's child name servers.
i.e. point it to your static IP
It will take 24 to 48 hours to spread/propagate to domain registeries worldwide. (after this will point to your local machine)

For this to work properly, First you need to configure DNS record in your local machine's DNS server.
add A, SOA records.

To share all your files on PC with world. just move all of your files into htdocs/public_html or www forder of your localserver.

Do not for got to edit Hosts file on your windows machine
add a record like (find it in windows/system32/divers/etc)

I hope this short tutorial helps you.
Second thing you should consider is cost of electricity as running a server requires 24x7x365 server up time.
If you need a small space to host visit and I will provide you a space for $10 a year.
free domain transfer or $9 for new domain registeration (single year).
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I, too, am working to do just that. I have in the past been successful hosting a single website at a location. Several things must be in place. First and foremost you need to check to see what ports are "blocked" by your service provider (mine is CoxCable) then inside your router (one with a static IP address - only available to me with a Business account) you can set up a DMZ computer. This means that you should static IP the machine used for webhosting. Then do the installs. I have found several great HOWTOs on HOWTOFORGE for setting up a LAMP server. I have loaded Wordpress and a shopping cart on my LAMP machine.

I will be exposing it to the web as soon as I can set up virtual sites because my goal now is to host several sites on this server. So, I'm off to learn about nameservers, Bind 9, chroot 'n, and other yet undiscovered territories.

So good luck with your endeavor.
Hi Daniel,

I looked at your posting below. I am trying to do the same thing. I believe, I too have static IP addressses, because, my IP addreses do not change, even if I reboot my machine, router etc.

Can you elaborate more on the exact steps? Any pointers would help. Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,
j yuma > Srini
Aug 18, 2009 at 06:41 PM
Hi Srini, The post is dated Sept, 2008. I hope you'll find this and it'll be useful. I believe, if I remember correctly an online aticle stated that roughly > 98% of web users had dynamic ip addresses (dynamic, meaning it could change). Their are not enough addresses to give each person/OOPS/ change that to each computer its own permanent ip address. My ip hadn't changed in almost, I think it was close to 3 weeks, then once it changed twice in three days. Its not that it hasn't changed,,, but that it could. If your ip was auto-issued by router/modem, and you weren't given it directly by your ISP, then its probably not a static ip address, but dynamic. Internet Service Providers, can charge customers a lot more money for static ip's. j yuma
so how did it work out for u? are you up and running, I'm currently running my web server on Ubuntu "linux" Apache, php 5 and mysql4? don't remember. My advice is not to use LMAPP or XAMPP. I tried it out back then and I found it to be to complicated. If your learning from the bottom up then don't take shortcuts until u know everything.and feel conferable. LAMPP has all that software pre-configed for you yeah great. Well after it started messing up I couldn't fix it. So what I decided to do is just install apache, then php, then mysql. And build from the bottom- up. It was actually very very easy that way. If anyone has any question on setting up a web server on linux Ubuntu "only" feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I'd be lying if I said I never needed help.
Hi, I just read your article, and would like to host my own website, can you give me few hint on how to do it?, I know a bit about apache, ph5 and mysql but still a beginner, your help would be much appreciated.

i already have a .com web site, all I would like to do is transfer it to my own server, is it possible? I have cable modem and dsl also
I would like to host my own website server on Ubuntu linux, ive already got a good base knowledge of the inner workings of linux, if you could email me the steps from beginning to end, that would be a great help!

Please show me how to do this, I work for an independent copier company and need to help them get them set up to host their own website and file server.

Any help would be great, honestly, I think everyone should use Linux as over 75% of all hosting companies use it, and its the most free & stable environment you could have.


I just need to get this going with an easy step by step basis....
Thanks Jess.
param > serverman
May 17, 2009 at 03:17 AM
Which other Linux OS are good for Hosting a webserver at home with apache ?
Jul 7, 2009 at 05:15 AM
Hi bro,
I configured bind9 on Ubuntu(saw a couple of thread on google) . Have my public IP address pointed on my domain registrar.

My domain is

My problem? everything I did, doesnt work. On my domain registrar I modified the the name server to (this is also the servers localhost name) , and on the managed host server I set the sub domain to

Any suggestion?

Hi, I know your kioskea post is old, but I have a few questions on setting up ubuntu. I have a domain name with a hosted server "". Would I still need to install ubuntu on my pc? I guess I don't understand why I would Need to install on my pc when everything i'm using to host my site is all provided for me "mysql, apache etc..from my hosting company? I'm just a little confused and any help or explanation on how to get started would be greatly appreciated.

How do I make my own site, with out using someone else's? They did it somehow.
Try here

Hope this helps xD
How about all of you marketers stay out of this. She wants to host her own on her own server and set up her own dns. That's what she said. If you have ever done any real site work, you quickly realize that FREE hosting and cheap hosting puts you on a server with 800 other sites, all sharing the same sql, same bandwidth, resources, etc.

Anyway, set up your domains at your preferred registrar and point the nameservers to your ip address where you are running dns. I assume you know how to set up your own dns server. Remember to allow inbound port 53 in your firewall.

I do mine REAL sites on Debian Lenny 5.01 (Linux - opensource - free (nothing to sell you)) and I use ISPconfig3 as a control panel front end. It's opensource and FREE, for real. And they give step by step instructions on how to install it, and the instructions are FLAWLESS.
I installed XAMPP for Linux (Ubuntu 9.04), LAMPP, and I am having difficulties creating a shopping cart and I would really like to avoid paying for shopping cart software. I have been trying to model my shopping cart after, but it was created on Windows and I believe that there are conflicts in the configurations and destination files. If you have any ideas, even if it is uninstalling XAMPP and going another route I am welcome to all suggestions. Thank you.
The stuff offered right before your comment was FREE!

I hosted my own website from my home computer for 5 yrs, and the only cost was my ISP. I do however suggest you spend the money on a domain name and not mess with free domain names.
Hey kate,

Have you got any good article on hosting your own domain on your own DNS Server? I also want to host my test domain on my own DNS Server. I have installed bind9 on my linux server and tried setting up the DNS Server for my own [not registered anywhere] test domain name. But it is failing somehow and I am not able to figure it out.

Is there any way I can create my own Domain without registering it to any other registrar and hosting it on my own DNS Server?

Please let me know the link for step by step guide if you know anything.
ahh.... if you want help to startup your PC for host to make your own web-site ... just add me at : , I will tell you what u must make exatly , ofc free .

It is very easy ;)

for me the diffucult is to make my own domain from my Windows Server 2008 :/

cyaz ;) , if u want any help feel free to talk with me !

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Need some pointers... think im going about things backwards... I purchased the DNS domain amd would now like to start one of my home desk tops as a host. I have web design, flash, and SEO knowledge, and feel a little embarassed I dont know where to start now... I know this takes time, honestly I have hours and hours to dedicate and really looking forward to finnally putting this puzzle together and starting my own small online biz.... pointers pls

*I've hyper linked the site where I purchased if that will better answer details
Jan 4, 2010 at 09:34 AM
Go to
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