Disable print spooler service: in domain controllers

Disable print spooler service: in domain controllers

Every print job on the printer server is controlled by the Print Spooler . This is software that helps manage print jobs which are stuck in the queue and processes their deletion after printing is complete.

To disable or enable the print spooling service:

  • Click on the Print Spooler Key that can be accessed through My Computer. Modifications in the settings of the key enables or disables the Print Spooler service accordingly.
  • Right click on My Computer (Computer on Vista) and select Manage

  • In the console that opens, pull down the Services menu and applications
  • Click on Services
  • Double-click on the Print Spooler key
  • In the General tab, go to Startup Type
  • Set the value to Automatic, Manual or Disabled
  • To enable or disable the print spooler service immediately, click Stop or Start
  • Finally, click Apply (a restart of the PC is sometimes necessary to take into account changes in parameters).
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