Requirements to become a web designer

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i want to start a new career as a webdesigner. I am 18 years old I just finished school and I have a basic knowledge in IT, web programming and web design. but I want an international career in this field as a friend told me that you can earn much money with it. what are the requirements today to become a good web designer, anyone knows!

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hi Shirro, congrats!!!!

to become a web designer u have to know atleast intermediate levels of following tools.

Photo shop any version
coreldraw any version or x3
flash for animation (basicaly)

Dream weaver, html kit (to convert your design into html code)

learn about html and dhtml and css also for style
for learn this goto

more..u can ask Google about this tutorials.

for video tutorials goto

all the very best
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simple and helpfull thank you..
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i think that you should mostly discuss the matter with an institution offering these courses anyway can you tell me what is actually your educational background?
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Dear Shirro,

If you want to take Web Design as a career you need the certifications or other relevant documents for an interview. You can develop your Basic knowledge to an exper one with the help of internet. You will get so many online tutorials if you search google. If you are going for an interview the HR will look at your experience and qualification. So my suggestion is graduate something related to Computer Science and simultanously you can go through online tutorials. I this this may help you...

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good knowledge of photoshop, html 5.0, xml, css, jscript, php,, sql
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I really don't see any relevance in knowing those last three skills (php, .net and sql) for a web designer. Also those are somewhat heavy technologies to grasp for a newcomer which does not have any experience.
He needs a very strong knowledge of web's holy trinity (HTML, CSS and JS). I recommend practicing with these HTML, CSS and JS programming tests: Also even nowadays (although some would disagree) he needs great photoshop skills, but you do not need flash it is now deprecated and replaced with CSS3.

After that you see what life throws at you and you adjust to it, for example maybe you end up as a front-end developer for some company which works with PHP so then you start learning a little about it ...

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Your choice is good but you have to get graduation in computer science then it will be easy for becoming a good web designer other wise u will face so many problems there is a difference only learning web designing courses and by doing the graduation.
and again in order to design a web sight you should have knowledge on jsp , php , .net , html , css , xml , dhtml , js , ajax , flash , photoshop etc.
My age is about 30 now. I cannot get any graduation of this type. But I still want to become a web developer. Just I neet a guid who may guide me through all the process. But this a nice post and nice replies thanks to all who posted their comments. This will help me alot.....

Thanks dudes!!!!
i am not a graduate in Computer Science, but I still want to become a web designer,coz its just my passion thanks for providing me the required information thanks for your suggestion and guideline Abhi,
hey guys if u want to learn programming simply go to i'm also learning from it
97% of web design jobs today require a BA degree
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To become a web designer,first of all you need to know basic html. After that you learn css, jabascript,php. By this you become a good web designer.