Advent T9317 bootloop problem

reservam03 - Dec 3, 2008 at 08:22 AM
 Banger - Jul 20, 2009 at 11:17 PM

I have a problem!

My computer model is Advent T9317- my OS is windows XP media centre. When I turn my computer on, it loads up and then starts to ask me what configuration I want: 'safe mode', 'last known configuration' and so on. When I choose any of them, the screen goes black, then loads up the BIOS again and start to ask me again (safe mode blablabla) - on the top of the screen it says 'sorry for the inconvenience the hard drive might be corrupt'. I tried recovering the system because my computer has built in recovery thingie madgig when I first got it and I used it to fix my computer the first time I got it but don't have the recovery disc when I first got it. And because I have the recovery system inside my hard drive, I can't go to it too because the second time I broke the pc, I sent it to a local IT people and they fixed it by partitioning the hard drive again so im guessing that they deleted the files that will help recover my system and I think now the recovery disc that I can buy from the advent company wont work as well because the IT people partitioned my hard drive. I tried a windows xp media centre disc from a friend - inserted it, but still wont work on my pc, my pc cant read the disc, I went to the bios and change the hard drive boot up and placed cd rom before the hard drive but still wont read the windows xp media centre disc, I don't know how to fix my pc. What if I just install new OS to it, will that work?!


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Me And My Friend Both Have That Pc

His Broke About A Year Ago And Mine Is Failing Right Now

I Had That Startup Loop About An Hour Ago So I Used System Recovery And Now It Resets Itself Constantly!!!
REBOOT your comp. T9317. yeah i got the same. and it happened to me. your comp has over 1k+ trojans + reg. viruses and al you can do is reboot and use vista or anything higher:)
Banger > supsup
Jul 20, 2009 at 11:17 PM
hey their i was reading ur post i was wondering if u have the recovery cd's for that model of advent if so would u be to upload it onto a torrent file cause i moved house and my pc has went into the bootloop tryed the system restore by pressing f10 and that but still the same etc would greatly appreciate it if ya could help me out