After itunes upgrade, ipod lost all files.

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Hi, I seriously need help. After upgrading (ipod touch 2nd gen.) to 4.0, I lost all songs, videos and photos. I have become impatient and put one albu onto my ipod. Now that I've done this is there still anyway at all that I could recover all the deleted files. I'm using a windows vista and It's driving me mad, I've downloaded ipod recovery software except they don't detect my ipod. So I tried unticking user account control, I tried unind=stalling itunes then reinstalling, I can't change the drive letter thing because my ipod won't even show up in disk management. HELP PLEASE!! I'm getting soo depressed!

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Dear Katey,

You will normally lose all the files wh ile upgrading the application and there is no way to get them back.

Thank you.