WRT54G Router Channel issue

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I have WRT54G router, which I tried to connect to my Lenovo U550 Laptap creates problem.

Using Router I changed the channel from 6 to 8. It saved sucessfully. But after that I am not able to connect to router.

Initially I dint have any security setting enabled for my router. But now I could see Encryption as Open and I couldnt connect to the router from my system.

I used reset button for more than 30 s in my router, but still it shows same SSID I was using. I was expecting linksys SSID which is factory setting.
Now I am not using my router. Some one please help me.

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Dear Sir,

The first thing that you should get doing is hardwiring all of them. In other words, connect the particular modem to the internet port of the router and also consider temporarily harwiring the laptop to the router correctly. Then you should have the IP Address confirmed. Get to your MS Dos application and type ipconfig and press enter.

Thanks in advance.