Wi-FI problem in acer aspire one 532h

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i bought a new acer aspire one 532h netbook..with windows 7 starter version in it...i updated to windows 7 ultimate version....and installed all the drivers from acer's site..all drivers are working except the Wi-Fi..i installed the driver but the network adapter is not recognized...i tried atheros and BC both..but nothing is working for me..please help some one

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problem solved...i found out the model no. of my Wi-Fi card...and then I simply went to add new hardware option and installed the driver from windows....simple...!!! ;)))))
Thank you

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I think I have the same problem but I did not understand you answer correctly

Could you explain in another words please

thanks in advance

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when you did purchase the laptop it did came with drivers on the package try to install the those driver it may contain the exact driver that you needed for the adapter to work.
no unfortunately I dont have the drivers..it had the recovery system..but for that I needed a disk drive..so I couldnt do a back-up for my drivers and formatted it..!! now what can I do? help please

Sometimes W7 recognizez wifi card incorrectly. If Windows recognized as Atheros try to install broadcom drivers, you have the driver included in the Acer package or at Acer website. Do not remove Athero, just complete with broadcom software. I hope this helps, solved my problem.
upday the bios


The Wi-Fi connection on your wireless device may have problems for many reasons and in many cases not work, mostly these problems are the same user errors, verify that the problem is due to then know what the solution of it, read this post where you can see most of the reasons why the Wi-Fi might not work and how to solve each problem:


I hope this information is helpful.