Dell Laptop Inspiron 6000

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Hello, I am using my desktop to ask this question about my laptop. My Dell Inspiron 6000 will not load up windows, it starts to load then gets to a black screen saying system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt. I think this is a result of a virus that I contacted on my pc a while back. I tried pressing F8 but it when I click on the option like restore to a previous date or start in safe mode, it still goes back to the system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt. It also says to attempt to repair this file by starting up Windows Setup using the disc setup cd-rom and select r, but I have tried putting the disc in and restarting the laptop but the cd starts to run but it goes back to the same black screen and error message. How can I fix this without taking it to a repair shop?

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Dear Mark,

Please consider repairing your system through the below help and hence get the problem fixed.

Thank you.