My computer seems to not find an internet IP

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I'm using windows vista prenium, when I connect to my friends internet, it says I'm connected, but it won't allow me to browse the internet. When I ran the diagnostics, everything passed except the internet IP ping. I also checked the internet protocol version 6/4 and they are all on automatic. I have also uninstall and reinstalled the drivers a couple of times and still nothing. Is there something that I might be missing or blocked something? Oh all DHCP is enabled also. Thanks again!

This keeps happening every few months, one day it will randomly be working again then next I'm in this position. Its the linksy router my friend is using and my laptop has the 'dell wireless 1397 WLAN mini-card.

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Dear Ash,

Please consider checking your connection configurations for there might be some problems sourcing from it.

Thank you.