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I recently got a new Toshiba Satellite, with Windows 7 installed. I soon found that, for some reason, I can't gain access to hotmail. When I click to go to the sign in page, all I get is a blank white screen. I'm using Chrome. I use MSN messenger just fine, but even when I try to access my mail through that application, it takes me to a blank screen. Anyone have any ideas?

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I dont know if you have noticed but Microsoft are trying to earn money now off Hotmail. Over the past two or three weeks (4th Aug 2010 now) they have introduced jumping sprite adverts onto their page. A sprite is a moving picture by the way, in order to get your attention to the advert. Now, if you dont use ActiveX or Adobe Macromedia Flash which by the way I dont, the page doesnt jump about or refresh correctly. Microsoft have affected many people with this action of theirs. Wait a few weeks/months and they may sort it out. Adrian, England, UK
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Please contact the Hotmail Support for having clear information about the matter and its solution too.

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i have the same problem...please help s...