Facebook hacked by hotmail account journey

xclabo - Jun 17, 2022 at 08:27 AM
 Xclabo - Jun 18, 2022 at 08:36 AM
i got hacked by some hotmail user. after 3 days of no access i have finally able to get a verification code on the email! yes! finally! but for some weird reasons, it says that "it seems like this is the first time that you are logging in on this browser" but its not! it is asking me for a code, and obviously i do not have a code because the phone has been changed as well. so i select that i dont have the phone. and then it asked me to upload my id and it will also ask you to add a recovery email address as well. after uploading the picture ( make sure the image is very good, with your bday and everything needed in an id , i hit the continue button and walaaaaah it takes me back to the login screen with the error / something on the address bar. it only means that i didnt made it to the part that it is successfully sent.

has anyone for the love of god made it through? i want to take back my fb acccount again because it is the only thing that i always go to when i miss my late son who just recently passed away and i always read back our messages whenever i miss him. i will try to wait for 48 hours from now and see if it will do the trick and i will also check here time to time to respond on your answers.

ps: for those who are also stuck. you are not alone.

and if you are also stuck on the part where it says tried to many time. this is important ***

Do Not Try To Log In Or Recover On The Waiting Time. Patiently Wait For 24 Hours To Make It To The Part Where I'm Stuck. I Saw Some Post That They Waited For A Few Days That They Almost Forgot But Make Sure Do Ot Make It 30 Days Because Facebook Will Permanently Delete Your Deactivated/Hacked Account.


also do not forget to put 2 way authentication in all your emails! and accounts! because the hacker made it to my facebook account only . please change your password as you are reading this. these hackers are professionals.

i hope someone can help me.

misachwaan xoxo

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I got my account back. And everything i said was right. Its about the patience. Looooool. There is one thing that im very curious about. Why does Facebook doesnt tell you that you have to wait for 24hours on every step. So it took me 4 days to get my accoubt back. Tomorrow, i also tried it on my son account that is hacked as well, and tomorrow i should be able to get it back.

Just like i sad, you are not alone. If you need more info just reply to this thread and avoid these scammers who offer services to retrieve your account back.