hisgirl69 - Jul 28, 2010 at 05:27 AM
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Hi im 14 years old but i got my ipod stolen 4 months before my birthday just like 1 month ago i was searcing threw my brothers room for my DS but instead of finding my DS i found my ipod but my brother took it back because he said he bought it from his friend but i dont believe him because the ipod i found in his room is the same color as mine, same gig as mine and it had the same scratch on the screen as my ipod had i woulnt have givin it back to him but my brother is 18 but 17 when he took it (maybe took it) and my brother is mean and i also lost my ipod on a day my brother was really mad at me. So i was woundering if there is a way that "Apple" can turn off my ipod so that if they can turn it off ill know if the one my brother has is really mine or not and if "Apple" can turn off my ipod can they turn it back on?
please help!!!!

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Jul 28, 2010 at 05:46 AM
Dear Hisgirl69,

Your post is actually quite confusing. There is however no function or application on iPods that can solve the problem if it is lost or stolen. Nevertheless, it would be advisable to contact the Apple company, that is, the manufacturer directly in order to see whether the problem can be solved in any way. Yet if you have receipt of the iPod, please consider filing a legal case about it and hence the serial number will be helpful in solving the matter.

Thanks in advance.