Laptop black screen, veritcal lines (solved)

paul781 - Aug 1, 2010 at 09:37 AM
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Hello, my is an hp dv9000 it powered on with blank screen and after months of battle to fix this issue it's finally working and I would like to share my story because there are 1000's of people with the same issue but worst they've been conned by repair shops like me.

First, I bought the laptop in 2008 Brand New, it has AMD and Nvidia video chip. just 1 month before the warranty ended, the laptop to make a very loud noise all the time, the bottom was overheating and sometimes I get lines and foggy images after few hours of use, I called hp and they said they'll pick it up to fix it after 4 hours on the phone line, they took it and said they replaced the.

2 months later "warranty now finished" the laptop just powered on one day and the screen remained black, i removed the battery and swap the ram ect..but nothing, then I called hp but they weren't intrested.

I took it to the repair shop in my city and they said they can fix it without changing the motherboard and that its a common problem, it was fixed the same day for £80 and I was very happy..but not for long, the same problem returned again after 2 weeks! i went back to the shop and they totally denied it, I was told that the problem was that the laptop updated the bios automatically and installed a wrong version and now it needs a new motherboard
and that they can get me a new one for £100 without charging me extra for the labour, I paid for the new motherboard and it took 2 weeks for it to arrive and once again It only worked for 2 months before another problem happened this time it powers on but beeps 2 times, 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps, now I took it back to them and they just weren't helpfull, they kept saying to wait for them to contact the seller ect..because they bought it from eBay, now I am left with a laptop that doesn't work and £180 short. but after a continuous battle and threat to go to court they finally decided to refund me my money.

so, I went to another shop in Manchester which was recommended to me, they claim they do the permanent repair for these problems with 3 months guarantee, i took it to them and it was fixed 2 days later but this time it took bit longer but it wasn't permanent, the repair lasted just a little over 2 months, and I haven't played any HD videos and I don't play games or anything, I had a cooler sitting underneath the laptop all the time and check temperatures now and then.

the laptop cost a lot of money and I couldn't afford a new one for £2000, so I had to fix it because it has everything I need for my art work and my programs are saved I started to dig deep about these problems and I found that this problem is known to hp and other manufacturers..what happened is the laptop overheated overtime and it caused the graphic chip solder to melt, so the graphic chip doesn't work anymore. what the repair shop did is something called "reflow" which is heating up the chip with a hair dryer but this only works a very short period and the motherboard they bought had the samething i supose.

but further research I found some videos on youtube which then led me to this website, they claim they don't carry this reflow type of repair but they do another type of repair called reballing, which means replacing the solder of the chip rather than heating it up like others, this looked awsome and no one else had this kind so I bought the repair from their site and they collected it from my house just like hp did and then I got it back a week later "yes working" but they put this picture inside the box which showed the motherboard with the graphic chip removed which proved to me that the work was carried out, they also added copper plate to the graphic chip so it doesn't overheat the tempratures before were 75 to 90 now they are 46 to 60. it's been 4 months now and it is still working fine, they told me I can play hd and everything i wanted but as long as I keep the air vents clear. I just wanted to really put the word out for these guys, they were extremely helpful, they give 6 months warranty but I paid for the 1 year extra just for peace of mind. so anyone who had a similar issues with the dreadful graphic problem makesure you're getting reballing repair.

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Aug 3, 2010 at 04:51 AM
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