PC still stops at Blue Win XP Screen but I ca

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I wrote in my Previous Question about being unable to get past the Blue XP Screen before Login. Just after getting to the Blue Screen, a Run Time Error shows up in a smaller Box stating; Program: C\ProgramFiles\Kodak\AiO\Center\ek discovery. Which I know has to do with Printer I just Bought and was trying to set up and Sharing (which got me here).For easier access to my Computer I disconnected it from my 46" HDTV that I was using as a and Hooked it back to the 21 inch Monitor for Trouble Shooting. Now I am able to get to the F10, F8 and F2 Screens. In the F10 Screens, I have tried to enter at all Options Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Net, Safe Mode w/Promt, Debugging, Last useable Settings, Etc.. But Un fortuneately I end up in the same Place (the Blue Screen). On the F8 Screen I have tried Booting from the Hard Disk, Removeable, and CD ROM. I did notice that when trying to Boot from the Hard Disk that it shows that some of My Partion Values are "0", and I suggested that when I did the Emergency Shutdown when it locked Originally at the Control Panel (where this whole mess started), I may have messed up the Partining of the Drive. In the F8 Screen when I put in the Recue Disk (CD/DVD) and choose to Boot from CD ROM that it appears something is trying to happen until I get =Start a Boot First Device= CH1 M. : TSSTcorpCD/DVD TS-H552D But do not know what that is? On the F2 Screen or BIOS, where I think if I can get into to type "chkdsk/r , I am locked out as I do not remember the Password (I don't think there was one) or my Ex-Step Chils may have changed or added one where there was not one. Does anyone know how to retrive this Password or bypassing it?

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Aug 5, 2010 at 12:50 PM
Hi there,

For bios and windows password you can reset them by following the provided instruction on faq using the link below: