GTA 4 fatal error: Resc10

GTA 4 fatal error: Resc10

When running Grand Theft Auto 4 on Windows 7, or Windows 10 you may experience a Fatal Error Resc 10, this article will show you how to fix it.

What is Fatal Error Resc10?

GTA 4 was not originally designed to run on Windows 7, or 10 as a result, playing GTA 4 on Windows 7 or later can result in the Resc10 Fatal Error. GTA 4 can be run in compatibility mode for either the Windows Vista operating system or Windows XP to get rid of this error. There is an option in GTA 4 menu to run the game in compatibility mode. If the Fatal Error Resc 10 problem persists, the graphics settings of the system should be checked to ensure that they are not set tooRight-click high.

How To Access Compatibility Mode?

To solve the Fatal Error Resc10, try running GTA 4 in compatibility mode for either Windows Vista or XP because, initially, the game isn't formatted to run on Windows 7 or 10.

  • Right-click on your GTA 4 or rgsc shortcut.
  • Click properties, then click compatibility.

There should be a drop-down box with run in compatibility mode.

  • Check the little box beside it and choose either Windows Vista or XP.

After that, try to run the game. If you still can't, open the game, but don't load it.

Check to see if your graphics settings are too high, GTA 4 is over ten years old, and the maximum possible graphics are not that high. If the game still doesn't work, consult the Rockstar Games website (although they have stopped supporting GTA 4), or check with your computer manufacturer.

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