Counter Strike 1.6 saving problem [Solved/Closed]

 syth277 -
Hello all,

I have problem when I start my Counter Strike now I need to change nick, admin pass, and all that, because it resets all to the start [when I installed cs] any1 help what to do?? btw reinstalling wont help, tryed already....

System Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 533.4

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HI...i hope after modifying ur names etc. u r pressing "APPLY" button....but still if u r getting problem then it may b the reason that ur config file in the CS is R/W check it nd modify it..........(path=C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\config)....!!!!
if it doesn't work too then try this out...
go to C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike there u'll find "config" file .do right click on it and open it in wordpad or notepad....there u'll see all the cmds related to command and saves.... in the "name" field just manually write ur nick name nd save it.....i guess this should work....lyk this u can change other fields tooo...!!!!!
Thank you

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How to fix problem R/W protected
right click, open properties and change write protection
when I put my nick there in config. and start the game the config changes again to same :(
That means ur user config file is having the same code you have in your .cfg file that you want to execute. Just go to cstrike folder, search userconfig,cfg right click untick read only and close. Open that file and erase all the code and press save. Done.

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