Toshiba l500 satellite black screen

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i am having a problem with my Toshiba L500 Satellite it will boot up but it wont make it to log on screen it comes up with a ( - ) in the top left hand corner I dont want to reboot it because windows 7 was factory installed and I dont have the disc. Before it started stuffing up it came up with a message and then it would open a window and do a fake virus scan saying scan your computer


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By no means am I a geek when it comes to computers, but I recently (2days ago) I had a bogus scanner on one of my laptops and on a second a black screen "can't see anything problem" So in reading several post on how to fix the problems it instructed me to do this, then do that, and when the stars line up, jump to reach the stars while still keeping your feet on the ground...

What I did was start the computer:
1. hit F8 constantly chose "safe mode with networking."
2. Then on the next screen chose "system default" or somethin like that
3. I changed my power settings to "never" for hibernate and what ever other never there was (both laptops)
4. then I went to my system restore (a no-no in the computer world), chose a restore date, let it do its magic, did my updates...
5. and now both laptops now work like a charm.
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I have a L500 and had the same issue, it would not boot. So I had the idea that the ram may have come dislodged in the back of the laptop. I removed the ram and re-seated it and it worked. So try this option, it may not work for all of you, but it may help.