Odd problem with compaq desktop

 k4ng4r005 -
My computer has been having issues recognizing my keyboard until I have rebooted, well today, my cpu would shut off a few seconds after turning on. I unplugged everything except the power and turned it on and it stayed on like normal, I plugged in the monitor and everything was how it was, then I tried plugging in the keyboard and my cpu shuts off shortly after. Everything else works when plugged in.. I don't understand, any help will be much appreciated..

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Hi there,

Is the keyboard usb or ps2 type?either the keyboard port is damaged or the keyboard is creating conflicts with system,please give more information.

its ps/2 older keyboard around 6-7+ yrs,
It's a ps/2 i would say about 6-7 yr old keyboard, I think it's shorting out the cpu but idk