Loud noises with my fan from the tower!

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I'm new to this website that I've never tried it out so here it goes!
Well my computer makes this loud noise sometimes when it gets a bit hot or when im loading numerous websites, and it sounds a like loud fan noise for couple of seconds and it comes down to the regular pitch, so what should I do to fix this?

I have a hp computer with 9800 geforce graphic card.
I don't have the side pannel so its wide open( by the way is that bad for air circulation?)
Should I install some fans or just try dusting some components?
Thank You!


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Aug 18, 2010 at 05:16 AM
Hi there,

Thanks for trying on the forum.Well keeping the cpu open by your idea is for cooling system,but the time its cooling it its getting inside more dust inside and on all components which you will see a mass not instantly but after few days,its also risky to let it be open,ill suggest to close it.

For the noise this may be on power supply fan or the cooler fan on processor.One of them must be replaced.On processor it can be whereas if this is on the power supply unit then it must be changed completely.

Remove the Fan on the processor as well as the heatsink,with some alcohol and a piece of cloth clean both heatsink and the processor surface removing the old silicon layer and replace with new thermal paste.

Add more fans to system and close it.This is to reduce overheating of system.