Wireless on Dell Latitude D620 [Closed]

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Hello Guyz,
I've got a big problem with the wireless on my dell latitude D620.When I go to the BIOS and turn on the wireless wifi, the wifi LED light just below the LCD screen doesnot light. When I turn on the wireless bluetooth from the BIOS, the bluetooth LED just below the LCD screen lights.
When I boot into the operating system(Windows XP), and try installing the wifi and blue tooth drivers, only the bluetooth driver responds and is able to detect a bluetooth device in range. The wifi drivers detect the wifi card but the card is not detecting a wifi signal in range when I bring the laptop in the vicinity of a wireless signal.
Any help is highly welcome.

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Hi there,

Open your device manager and check if there are drivers missing?if so then use link below and install ,else the antenna may be damaged which is found on the lcd of laptop and needs to be replaced ,nowadays you get usb facility which is easier: