Does Apple Ship Within 24 Hours

padti - Aug 30, 2010 at 11:29 PM
 padti - Aug 30, 2010 at 11:29 PM
It's obvious that Apple has certainly sold a lion's share of its new tablet since the Apple iPad's April 3 launch. The device has be extremely popular, and Apple did a hard job meeting demand for their new tablet, if you had ordered an iPad it would take up to a couple of weeks for it to ship, just like the saying goes "To tell the story of Apple's iPad is to tell a tale of heartache and delays."

However, this has now changed and the Apple online store is now listing iPads as being available for shipping in 24 hours, signaling that the tablet's makers have started to catch up with demand. It's unclear if Apple retail stock has caught up, but other international stores also show the reduced lead time. The immediate shipping period is obviously welcomed by soon-gonna-be buyer who prepare to place order for highly popular device.

Once August came around, Apple was able to tighten its iPad turnaround time to around three to five days. And now, the device--like all of Apple's other products save for its iPhones--can be packed in a box and pushed out the door some 24 hours after a user places an order.

In its first three months of availability, the iPad sold 3.27 million units. Officials with Apple admitted that they were caught off guard by the high demand for the product. Yeah, nobody expected the demand for the iPad to be as big as it has been, and it has now become one of Apple's most popular products along with the iPhone.


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