Windows server 2003 help hack

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Immediate Please now.
I have administrator username and password of winserver2003 now for today( I do remote desktop now and I can do anything today). I'm a user in domain in LAN only. The manager of server in our company does not know computer science much. please help me how do I log in the coming days by remote desktop for access the server without they understand.
can I make a hidden administrator user or can I use a other password for one administrator user or can I do any other think . pardon me for my English. until do that how can I do to clean log files when I remote the server. I'm a employee and my software(with SQL server2000) is in server and I want to use SQL server but they(administrator) not allow.
thanks a lot. rahman1383


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Sep 6, 2010 at 07:36 AM
Dear Sir,

Please get the task completed through the below instructions.

Thank you.