Nokia 5130-"message storage memory not ready"

 Fozul -

I have Nokia 5130-c Xpress Music Phone, When I am trying to open message from inbox it will show me "message storage memory not ready"
I am also update my firmware to 7.91(latest) from Nokia site but
still same problem.

what can I do to get out of this problem??
please help me to solve this problem

Thank you in advance

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Hi there,

Flashing is the solution to this issue,you need to have this done by professionals,get to a mobile phone repair center and request them for flashing handset,

Thank you

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put your SIM in other mobile and remove all messages from inbox then put back tour SIM in your mobile this work for me and hope fully also work for u.further find maximum capacity of messages according to your set model and make sure that your inbox does not reach the limit.