VGA and S-video outputs don't work

Costanza - Sep 2, 2010 at 11:53 PM
 Costanza - Sep 7, 2010 at 10:25 AM

I have a build computer that I finished assembling a few days ago. Has an ASUS motherboard with AMD Athlon processor, and also an MSI graphics card with DVI and 7-pin S-video outputs (I needed the S-video because I have a really old TV that weighs like Shaq).

Anyway, when I assembled the computer at a friend's house, we hooked up one of his monitors to the DVI output, through a DVI-to-VGA converter. Everything worked great, we installed Win7 and all the drivers, everything ran smooth.

When I took the baby home, and got an S-video-to-RCA converter, there was no output on my TV. I went and brought a monitor to hook up to the VGA output - still nothing.

Now, the computer turns on and boots. Win7 is loaded just fine as well, and I can tell that without any screen visuals, because when I hit Alt+F4 several times and then Enter, the computer shuts off.

I read several threads about this problem, tried several fixes (changing the location of the jumper on the motherboard for 20-30 seconds to reset the BIOS, unplug the power chord and press the "ON" button for 30 seconds...), but nothing worked.



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Sep 3, 2010 at 07:03 AM
Hi there,

Please check in device manager if all the drivers have been installed successfully else you need to make an update and try gain,still the link below will be useful to you:

Thanks Netsa77,

I thought about the device manager as well, but there's nothing I can do with it because I currently have no display going out of my computer...

I know how to connect the computer to the TV, and I have the S-video to RCA converter. The problem is a little more acute - there's no VGA signal coming out so I can't even connect my computer to a regular computer screen.
--- SOLVED ---

It turns out that the S-video to RCA converter that I had was malfunctioned. Sometimes you get lucky with ebay, sometimes you don't...

The VGA output still doesn't work - I wonder if the graphics card masks the motherboard's output. But, I don't need it so no biggy.