How to used internet on pc by tata docomo

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Pls, help me,i have a samsung galaxy-5 handset and used tata docomo sim card.
conected to laptop.

wifi, blutooth, and data cable I want to any setting but conected on laptop...
thankign you
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you just connect with bluetooth or data cable and find out the modem then u goto control panel ->phone and modem option then dialing rules tab ->new -> country/religion fill India and area codeand then ok. and then goto same dialog box in modem tab n select modem click ->properties and then advance tab n fill in extra initialization commands: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET" and then ok.
goto control panel ->network connection ->create a new connection ->new connection wizard next ->choose connect to the internet ->next ->choose setup connection manually ->choose connect using to dial-up modem ->next ->isp name -tata ->next ->phone number- *99# ->next ->next ->finish
then you a dialing tata icon in the desktop and you r connect internet in your pc
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yes, you have given perfect guidance.
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Awesome, It works

tata docomo pc on connect but not sent and received data pls solved.