HP Pavillion DV7 1245dx Black Screen [Solved/Closed]

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I have an HP DV7, I'm getting black screen, lights are on above keyboard, and lights blink above number keyboard and caps lock, any suggestions on how to fix this? Called Hp said it was a $400 repair I paid $650 for it. If it can't be fixed how do I get my data off my hard drive? I understand this is a on going problem with HP!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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a little late for this one I'm sure, but for future reference notice how many times the caps and numlock blink:

System Board X0
Memory X2
Hard Disk X3
Optical CD/DVD Disk X4
Battery X6
Wireless X7
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Mine blinks 4 times. Now how do I fix the prob.
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You can remove the hard drive from the laptop, purchase a USB external hard drive enclosure and use it to convert your hard drive to use with another computer. You must be careful to purchase the correct kind of adapter. There are two types SATA and PATA (also called IDE). Yours uses a SATA drive.

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Check out you tube, how to reflow mother board. Sounds crazy, but bake the mother board in an oven at 385 for 8 min and leave in oven to cool for 30 min. I tried everything from replacing cpu, penny trick etc...

Finally solved by reflow method!!