Opening Word 2007 docs with Word 2010

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So I installed Office 2010, and removed Office 2007 from my computer (I had lost the product key, so it was in view-only mode, it's a long story) - obviously, a bad move. Now I can't open the 2007 files people are sending me. Anyone know how to fix this?


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I suggest you reinstall Office 2010. It should not have a problem with docx files. Removing 2007 after you installed 2010 may have changed the file associations.
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Solved. Had a file saved in Word 2007 that would not open in 2010. File was based on a VERY old template (Msg said Word 2). I changed the File blocking settings for Word 2 files to allow opening, opened the template, saved it as a 2003 template in the same location, (had to maintain the file extension) and was able to open my file. YEAH!
I tried to open file folders containing document of my MS 2007 (after installing MS 2013) no files - how can I retrieve these files?