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mo1905 - Dec 5, 2010 at 07:35 AM
 TT - Apr 20, 2013 at 03:50 AM
Recently purchased iphone 4. I set up home wifi connection with my orange router. WEP key entered, pressed back of livebox and iphone picked up connection no problem. As long as iphone is active, wifi is excellent. As soon as phone goes into standby or is inactive for a while, it drops the wifi signal. I have been told this is a battery saving function and is normal. My problem is.however, once phone is activated again, it forgets WEP key and does not re-connect automatically. I get the message "unable to join.....network". This is not normal. I have had many long and frustrating calls to apple customer care. They all offer different advice and are very sympathetic but so far nothing works. I have got the latest firmware, I have tried restoring phone, forget network settings and many other "solutions". I have spent hours trawling the internet and it appears many others have similar problems but no definitive solution. Apple even provided me with a brand new iphone but exactly the same problems. I cannot fault their customer service but it is still extremely frustrating as I am no nearer an answer. I know my livebox is fine as I have a laptop which connects fine and my son has an iphone 3G which has no problems at all. It must either be an iphone 4 software issue or a compatability issue with the Livebox. Hope somebody out there can help ! I am OK on computers but not fantastic so please feel free to "dumb down" any solutions ( if there are any ) ! Thanks, Mo

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Here are the steps that are required to connect your iPod/iPhone to a LiveBox (Wifi) I have had the same problem.

Configuring the iPod/iPhone

Go to Settings
Select WiFi
Move the little slider and the Confirm Access cursor to the right
Select the small blue arrow (network) and select "Forget this network"
Return to the main menu, choose Settings, then WiFi and wait for the iPod Search all WiFi networks. Click on the name of your network (not the blue arrow but the name of your network).
The iPod then asks for a password. This password is the WEP key of the Livebox (it is located below it)
Enter the WEP key respecting uppercase (press the arrow below the Q, at each letter you write) AND WITHOUT SPACES ...

*Do not press "Join" immediately , you must first put the Livebox in pairing mode *

Configure the paring mode of the Livebox

Press BUTTON 1 of your Livebox to put it into pairing mode. The LED flashes WiFi Livebox, and now with the iPod select "Join".
Wait a few moments that connects the iPod, from now you can surf the Internet.

Setting the Livebox into pairing mode is done only once.

Hope this helps !
Thank you solved my problem
Thank you as well! This had been a persistent problem for me. Not anymore!
Have had this problem for two years now! Finally solved, thank you!!
Thank YOU

Problem Solved!
Wonderful thanks so much!
Thanks for response. However, it does not solve my problem. I have no issues pairing with my Livebox and connecting to my wifi. My problem is that my phones does not connect automatically to my wifi after a period of inactivity. It "forgets" my network and I have to enter WEP key and pair with Livebox everytime I wish to use Safari or check emails. Thanks for taking the time to respond though.
hi im having the same problem as you with my iphone connecting then to wifi fine then wen goin on standby im having to retype the wep code , did you find a solution to your problem ? thanks
I tried the solution and it would not work, so I went to the Livebox admin page: type into any browser address bar. You may need to login with username "admin" and password "admin". Click Security then Wireless Connection. Un tick and re tick Enable wireless LAN. I tried again and it worked. Good luck.
PW, many thanks for your time and effort in responding to my problem. I think my problem is slightly different to yours though. I am able to pair with Livebox and join the wifi network no problem. My issue is that everytime my phone goes into standby or is not active for 5 mins or so it disconnects from the wifi. Apple have informed me this is normal and is to save battery life. My problem is that when my iphone is active again it should automatically re-connect to my wifi. My phone does not. I have to enter WEP key and pair every time. Thanks very much for trying to help though but unfortunately it is not a solution to my problem.

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Only thing I can suggest is to turn on the WEP security on the LiveBox?
I had connection issues with an Imac years ago, before Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange supported Apple Macs and that worked ?
Sorry turn OFF the WEP security!!! Duh!!
Hi Noggin, thanks for reply. I do not have WEP security turned on. I currently have WPA2. I have also tried the livebox with no security at all and still never worked ! Weird ! Thanks for trying to help though !
I never actually got this problem resolved ! Apple were no help ! In the end, I replaced my router and all fine now !