Toshiba L300D - system recovery/BSOD ? [Solved/Closed]

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Long story short; my Toshiba L300D laptop is screwed. Whenever I try to log into it normally, the desktop will show up for a second then the blue screen of death will appear.

The Stop Error Code is usually always different whenever it does this. Sometimes it will be 0x000000D3 or 0x0000000A & so on.

I tried EVERYTHING, literally.
- used compressed air to remove all the dust in the hard drive/fan.
- used RegisteryFix.
- downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery Disk, only to find out that it doesn't help. I don't have a System Restore point, I don't have a backup CD/external drive, etcc. Tried allll of the options on that thing.
- used CCleaner.
- used Perfect Optimizer (only to find out I had to pay!)
- tried Last Known Good Configuration.

Now, I'm left with System Recovery, which is DELETING EVERYTHING AND STARTING NEW. But one problem, I can't. I've tried the pressing 0 while starting, I've tried to make a Toshiba Recovery Disk, and I tried to Repair Computer on Advanced Boot Options.

Someone PLEASE help me! Either with fixing the BSOD or getting my laptop to system recover.
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Thank you

Try this 1

1) When you switch ON your computer, start tapping the "F8" key to get

"Windows Advanced Options"( if boot menu appears, press "Esc" key and keep

tapping the F8 key)

2) Select "Safe Mode"

Click on Start --> Run --> Type msconfig and click OK

[If you are using Windows Vista or 7 then

Click on Start --> In search box, type msconfig and press Enter]

System Configuration Utility will be opened.

Click on "Services" tab, select the option "Hide all Microsoft services"(you can find

this option at bottom)-->then click on "Disable All" button.

Click on "Startup" tab and click on "Disable All" button.

then click on OK, now try to boot in normal mode.

Later enable your disabled serivces and startup items one by one and restarting

your laptop.

Good Luck

Thank you, jack4rall 8

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thanks, it worked. but will it work the same with the battery in?
I can't find the start button! Lol
absolutley awesome, Yay I have my computer back. thankyou sooo much.
my toshiba satellite does not boot to safe mode. pls what can I do?
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I need serious help I didn't know what I was doing so I probably went to TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard I interrupted the whole process then again not knowing what I was doing I ended up with a black screen saying
"Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

For Atheros PCIE Ethernet Controller ( blah blah blah)

Check Cable Connection!! "

I went to BIOS and I didn't have to Switch because It wasn't with LAN it was with HDD
And I cant do the recovery Wizard thingy cause I already interrupted believe I tried I ended up with error and stuff I think I erassed some part of my Hard Drive IDK I am NOT some sort of Computer
Proffesional OK

BTW what I forgot to include in is that I have a Satellite Toshiba

I used to think it was "The Best Out there" but I guess MY Best Out there computer turned out to be the worst out there computer :/ Btw (its a laptop )

SOMEBODY Help BTW ( Its atleast 2 yrs old :)
Thank you
okay, so I have done all the stuff listed.
and I was wondering.. after you finish disabling everything, and restart it,
& then boot it in normal mode, what then? will it stop showing me the blue screens? or would I be able to do a total system recover?
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Try this 1
Wait for the completion of that process. If the problem still exists then try safe mode with command prompt. Let me know if you got successfully booted into safe mode with command prompt.
Good Luck
safe mode with command prompt isn't working either...
i'm waiting and waiting and its still loading files.
hey stop deleting my comment. I had access to a toshiba satilite L300 recently and I was able to get it to boot into the toshiba recovery wizard thing.

In short. if you have a mbr virus take care of that first.
then hold 0 on powerup until you hear a beep or see windows prompt, pick an option that looks like repair/recovery, try to go through with it or restart your computer with ctrl+alt+delete (after you take a look like I did)
if you start your computer as normal after looking through a repair menu, your computer should boot directly into toshiba recovery wizard.(at least it happened by accident with me)

How I got there:
The toshiba L300 I had on hand had a virus in the mbr but I used a tool from an antivirus site and fixed it. After, I shut it down and on power up I held 0 and let go after the beeps or when I saw what looked like the windows safe mode prompt. Since I didn't press F8 to get there I think I was close. I remember 3 options and one of them was memory diagnostic. I forget which one I picked (most buttom one IIRC(if I remember correctly) but I was trying to look for repair just to check it out. I then restarted the computer to run a rescue disk from an anti virus site to scan When I restarted it booted directly into toshiba recovery wizard with a fancy logo and yes no. I picked no and booted back into windows to run other scans but that option is what you are looking for to reinstall your operating system.
if you really want to know, I was using kaspersky rescue disc to scan (its free download it from kaspersky's site and burn it) and tdsskiller.exe (from kaspersky) which got rid of the win32.tdss.tdl4 variant of tdss (a virus in the mbr can stop the system from booting anything if improperly removed and it would still be there after a restore so I had to back up the mbr and fix this system the right way)
scratch what I said, I have clearer instructions.
HOLDing zero on power up (let go when you hear beeps or you get to...) gets you to "windows boot manager" the very first option is the toshiba recovery wizard, the second one asks you for F8 to get into safe mode menu, the third is memory diagnostic.

if that does not show up, then you probably have a master boot record virus OR that prevents the recovery partition from booting (and modified your drivers so that when windows updated, it probably broke your system, I've also seen people pull the plug when their laptop was installing updates and same behavior you described happened).

You can probably try to run antivirus tools(tdsskiller) in "Bart's Preinstalled Environment" (to run windows tools when you can't boot) and download a good antivirus to find out what happened to to your masterboot record. if you need more help, I'll try to check this thread again. You'd need a friend with a cd burner to help burn bart's pe, and maybe burn a cd for mbrtool to backup your masterboot record incase there is a problem.

For my particular Toshiba, the virus tdss modified the mbr, and made booting into the recovery partition (recovery wizard) impossible because holding zero got me to a black screen with a squished multi colour bar. After I removed it with a freetool, it booted back into the factory restore feature just fine. Good luck and hope you don't have a bad harddrive.