Youtube "connection to server has been lost" [Solved/Closed]

 For real -

i just baught ( samsung corby wifi gt-s3653w) when I cant my cell to home wifi net
all browsing works nice(perfect) except (youtube) when I click on watch video after 1 min its gives an error "connection to server has been lost"
how can I solve this problem
plz plz guide me

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i figured it out by my self
the main problem was with my wifi settings
Thank you

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I have figure it out its router setting issues specially TP link it dont support youtube
thx tahir what can I do to fix that problem espicialy that I have tp link thx 4 helping me again :)
I meet with many network professors, students and even send mails to tplink and samsung office to solve this problem but sorry to say all in vain :(
in the end I changed my mobile :p
It's actually cause by 'Adblock Plus'. Disable it & the YouTube problem is solved.

All other solutions don't work.

Try to uprade..
Try to upgrade it on play store. It happened to me and it just worked out.