Laptop automatically turned off

 jerm -
while i was using my laptop,it automatically turned off without any when i plugged in ,the battery indicator in laptop flashes red and green light often and also my laptop wont turn on..likewise when i plugged out there's no sign of any flash......and about adapter, white light is on when it is connected to electric power..plz anyone tell me what is wrong with my laptop...what should i do.

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Try this 1

1) Try to clean all the vents, blow out with canned air. Make sure there is no

dust in the CPU Fan.

Never run your laptop on bag & bed. Sides, back and bottom must be clear.

2 ) Unplug the power adapter from the laptop --> Remove the battery --> Hold

the power button for 60secs ---> Then connect the power adapter to the laptop

--> Turn ON your laptop --> Later put the battery back into the laptop.

Good Luck
Are you shure that it has power? Couse mine did tht couse I forgot to charge it.So trie that and see if it works