New iPod touch wont turn on or charge

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Ive had my ipod since christmas so it only been about a week, and it has been working pperfectlly. I was on it last night and it kept popping up that I only had 20 % battery left I jut ignored it but when it popped up the 4th time it turned off. I assumed he battery was dead so I went upstairs and put it on my alarm clock which is also a ipod touch charger. FOr some reason it wouldnt turn on at all, so I just left it there while I slept thinking when I woke up this morning it would be charged.. but it didnt and it still wont turn on or charge I even tried it on my sisters charger!!! Help me please :)

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Follow this instructions:

1 - Simultaneously press the top button + home (central) button.
2 - Keep both buttons until the Apple appears.
3 - Then release only the top button but still hold the home button pressed.
4 - The iPod goes into recovery mode and then you can restore it via iTunes

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Thank you

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thank you so much this helped a lot
Thank you this work ... but it brand new why did it happen
Thanks this worked... took about 12 second though.. gets a little freaky when it does mot do anything at first
Thank you so much!
Thanks It did take awhile ... scary :)
I just took mine out of the box and it has not turned on once been on charger for over an hour now and tried the fix, but it did not work for me sadly. Any Ideas?
I just recently had this problem (5 seconds ago to be exact). Try pressing the top button and the circle button at the same time for about 10seconds, while its on the charger. That's what I did & it worked for me.

-Hope it helps!
Yes! This worked perfectly for me! Thankyou!!

OMG!! Thank you, you are like awesome ahh! haha

It worked for me too. Make sure it's on the charger.
oi figured it out
im a genius, than u thank u

ready its some glitch with new ipods ready plug it into ur computer, then hold down the home button and on button at the same time for a couple seconds, then pull the cable out and do it again should make a noise
Thanks so much, I just got my ipod and I got worried
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this is very nice sharing
WOW same thing just happened to me. Thank you for the answer!
Thank You!! Just happened, had for less than 24 hours. I was scared...
WOW!! just happened to me 10 mins, so worried but this fixed it, thnx m8!! :D :D :D