I dropped my iPod and now it won't work! [Solved/Closed]

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My friend and I accidentally dropped my iPod nano on my hardwood floor. When we picked it up the screen was completely white. I let it charge over night and when I looked at it the next morning it seemed that it was just turned off because the screen was completely dark so I tried turning it on. It wouldn't turn on and i've tried plugging it into my computer and it didn't recive a signal or any sign that something was in the USB port. I just got it back after it had been stolen and now it's broken. It's hard not being able to use it after I just got it back. Please help me get this figured out soon. I can't afford a new one so anything that might work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hii friend now press the center button and menu button 2gether for 10secs....

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It works!!!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much :-)
Thank you!!!!! Fantastic. You have really cheered me up.
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Thank you for saving me a trip to the Apple store. It worked perfectly!
you a legend
thankyou so much i was so worried as my mum and dad would have killed me and it worked hurray xox
Thank you
thanks so much! that worked!!! your suggestion helped iHelp! I will remeber that next time! <3
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If resetting it does not solve the problem, it should be from a phhysical damage and hence you should send it to a Repair Shop for spotting the problem.