Sims 3 Updates

Jay - Jan 28, 2011 at 08:48 PM
 Jey - Jan 31, 2011 at 06:40 PM
Aye ,
I was starting up the launcher for the sims 3 like I usually do and then I saw new updates were available so I updated it but then as soon as it finished and I pressed play , It wouldn't play . I guess when I updated it , it had more requirements and my computer didn't meet them . I want to know if you can uninstall an update ? Because I don't want to uninstall the game completely because then I'm going to have to start all over again . I also don't know how to save the custom content on the computer to put into another game once you've reinstalled it . When I go onto the games section of my computer and click on the sims 3 icon it says ;
Game Recommended Rating : 4.5
Game Required Rating : 3.5
Current System's Rating : 2.7
Then when I go to the more information section, it says the part that's rated 2.7 is the graphics. Before the graphics were fine with the previous update I had, but I don't know what to make it better now & most of all I don't know if I can uninstall an update ! Pretti Pretti Please with all tha sims 3 games in tha world and a good performance computer on top ! Can somebody please help me figure out what to do . Because it's sort of boring without the sims . Annd after all that homework . I come to the computer knowinng I cann't play the sims = ( Somebody musst understand my painn .

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Hey , =( Yes I understannd your pain and I understand your situation fully, although this has never happened to me, I do suggest that you go back to that games section on your computer and if you go to more information it should propose options on how to clean your computer or get rid of programs that are excessively slowinn it downn ! Either that or wait til you get a laptop cause the sims is very 'graphic consuming' . Hope you solve your problem .