How2Find video cards my motherboard supports?

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I am looking to upgrade my graphics card.I have a motherboard manufactured by company "ASrock". model number 939A8X-M. it has a socket 939 for AMD athlon 3000+ processors,support dual-channel DDR400 memory, 4 DIMM up to 4GB capacity.has integrated single chipset. has 1 AGP8X/4X slot , 1.5V and 3 PCI slots( PCI 2.3 compliance). thats all the info i think i need to provide.IF this gives anyone some idea,kindly reply to this and i will provide more specifications if i can find if necessary. plz reply :)

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well pretty much you need to just look at the slots and make sure you have the power supply to support the upgraded card. amd athlon you prolly need a 450+ power supply for the ability to use it properly as far as what type you can put in you said you had 3 pci slots you may want to double check that cause typically with socket 939 they would have a PCI Express slot instead of a standard PCI slot which would be better standard of card you could support.