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my computer will turns off automatically when i turn on it .after 10or20 minutes it will turns off.and one time it shows the message it will happen due to overheating.windowsxpsp2 m using 512mb of ram,dual core2 processor.please give me solution to solve this problem

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You need to open the computer case and:
1. clean out the dust in the case and the CPU heat sink. It's best to carefully blow the dust out and not smash into the internal parts of the computer.
2. turn the PC on and check that the fans are working on the CPU heat sink and case. replace any that don't work.
3. The above steps should fix things. The last step is to buy and new cpu cooler/heatsink and fan. Replace the existing cooler and clean top of the CPU chip. Apply heatsink grease to the CPU and attach the new heatsink/fan.

Good Luck. just remember to unplug the computer before cleaning it.
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After cleaning the dust, if problem still persists it will be the problem of your computers SMPS. Just change it ,if it still persists then it will be the problem of motherboard.