Computer no post no beeps or anything

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Thursday March 17, 2011
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March 16, 2011
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For my parents computer they purchased the
(intel 925x d925xbclk mobo)



and 2 sticks of PNY memory

No onboard video with the board so it is using a nvidia geforce 7600 gs(which was working in the past but has been sitting for a few months)............................

with everything installed i get no post no beeps or anything. Everything spins up and thats it. I have swapped 2 other power supplies, checked every cable, moved both sticks to all four mem slots and same result. No onboard vid scares me as i have no other pcie card to test with. does anyone have any suggestions. This board might be DOA im not sure i would hate waitin for the rma and screwing around with that. Any help is really appreciated.

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Try removing the hard drive/s, dvd/cd drive/s, then try to boot the system again.