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Soory...first time user, hit the the wrong button.

I have a laptop and added an additional monitor, I had the additional monitor set up as the primary monitor (it is to the right of my laptop so it was #2) It has worked fine for the last year or so. Yesterday we had a power outage and the #2 monitor dropped out.
Now I can get it to recognize the #2 monitor but...if I try to change it to be the primary monitor it droops out, I can get it to recognize it again but every time I try to change it to the primary it drops out.
I've checked all connections and restarted the computer.

Thanks for any help.


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I have a Dell Trinitron attached external monitor, that I was also having trouble with. To fix: In Display, select the Settings tab. Click the Advanced button. Choose Intel Graphics tab. Click on Graphics Properties. Under Multiple Display, reverse the primary and secondary monitors. This will bypass the non-responsiveness in the Display/Settings.
Thank you

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I was getting frustrated that checking "Use this device as the primary monitor" wasn't working for my second monitor. But this worked! Thanks!
THANK YOU!!! Just what I needed!
I was having a hard time getting my two monitors to work right (both plugged into a Dell docking station with a DVI & VGA port). I couldn't get my DVI monitor to act as the primary monitor; upon every boot up the VGA one would take over. However, doing what the original poster said fixed this. I just had to use the Intel 'Graphics Properties' button to make the DVI the primary and then use the normal Windows monitor settings to setup my 2nd VGA monitor as normal. :)

Thanks for this! Helps a lot!
Thank you. After spending an hour trying to figure out why the Dell settings isn't working this saved me. I can't believe these two SW giants can't figure out how to prevent these headaches from happening!
That worked. Thank you so much, really appreciate it!
Thanks slick-2. I went thru your instructions and that looks like it would work. I'll keep that one handy. As you can see from my post, I had done a system restore to correct the problem but... your way is a lot safer.

Again, many thanks!

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it seems that you have to install the drivers again.
Yes I did reinstall the drivers and after several hours of messing with it I did a system restore from the day before and everything is working now.

Thanks for your response.

thanks for that very useful tip! i've had this problem more than once now and I'm sure glad I know how to fix it!!