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In, you give a good overall guide to forms, but omit one feature. How do folks set up input fields such that the default text is automatically erased when visitor starts to enter text? I have seen search boxes which do this. Hopefully it will require only HTML without Javascript.

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well, it actually is javascript. html don't do anything by itself. that is, html document are static and javascript add the dynamic behavior. the following is a sample code with inline javascript:
<input type='text' value='Type something...' onclick='this.value = "";' />
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Thank you for a great answer. However, when I use the script on my form, it does remove the default test, but the typed text also is cleared on any subsequent click.

I notice this does not happen on your Name... and Email... below. Am I missing something? Is there some other code I need?

Your help is much appreciated.
> angelstar
Just add a boolean test... like this:

<input type='text' value='Type something...' onclick="if (!clicked) { this.value = ''; clicked=true; } " />
<input type="email" name="email" autocomplete="off">
just type

<input type='text' value='Type something...' onclick='this.value = "";' /

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