I tunes wont initiate when i plug in my ipod

roger - Jan 12, 2009 at 10:07 PM
 Gab - Jun 15, 2010 at 02:10 PM
My itunes does not initiate when I plug in my ipod.It doesnt even show up as a devise on My Computer.This is a new problem.I cant think of anything ive done to cause this problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I just had this problem, I have another ipod wire from my ipod nano 2G. I plugged my iTouch into the computer with that and it recognized it and is now charging. When I go back to the other cable it wont do that. So this being the problem if anyone dosnt know.
If your computer detects the ipod go on your ipod summary and make sure the 'sync only checked songs and videos' box is checked off, after that it will sync
im trying my sisters cable

I have a 5th gen I pod I sad that damn sad face icon I called the apple service also and didn't not get far. I plugged it in to the comp it didn't show up on I tunes I restarted the computer a dozen times I re-installed I tunes got the up date got a new USB cord and it still doesn't work. It's in disk mode I don't know if that makes a difference or not? but I have been working at this for 2 day's now and sick and tired of working on it but I love my I pod I miss it dearly and I'm too cheap to get another one it was expensive all of them are expensive I don't think we should be having these problems in the first place!
Yeah mines goosed to tried eveything and told by Apple I could replace for £92.00 Tossers
I just read this cause my new used I pod would not show up, I was becoming discouraged, I grabbed my boyfriends usb cord and holy crapped it really worked. Mine must be broke a little but can still charge. I am so greatful!!!!!

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I had the same problem multiple times. The first time it happened it was because I had installed my Blackberry software on my computer, so I had to uninstall my itunes software and reinstall it, and then it recognized it. What I learned is that itunes wants to be your main music player for your computer, so the next time it happened after I downloaded some different music software, all I did was open itunes and made it my default player. I then plugged my USB back into my computer, and it worked fine. Basically you just have to trick your itunes program. It wants to be number 1 music program. Hope this helps :)
i need help getting an answer for my stupid ipod
i tried downloading a new version and I tried restarting it, I also
tried switching USB inputs but I havent tryed getting a new white cord
my cat loves to tip over my water on my desk and mabey that is why it is
not working
if you have any advise for me e-mail me at
i can really use your advise I am getting to the
point where I am in tears
basically, if you are on windows xp still, download windows service pack 3 otherwise I cant think of anything and sorry
Dec 26, 2009 at 01:22 PM

I have a simialar problem to yours but more.

My iPod is black. I'm not sure if its frozen. It won't turn on.
I've tried the flicking the hold switch and pressing Menu and the Middle button.
Still nothing works. But the strangest this is My Computer or iTunes wont sense it.
Now my mom (I'm 14) called the internet people, and they said it could be the wind.

(We're having a lot of wind lately.)

Please write me back.
I just want to listen to music quietly.

I have the same problem. I erased my whole iphone and when I plug it in it will charge but when I take it off it shows the apple, the turning on screen, and then shuts completely off? I need some help.
hey I dont hav an answer but please can u help get my ipod fixed I am seriously crieing!
I have an ipod I wanted to restored everything but all of a sudden it told me I need to plug it in to like a square thing with like a charger I plug it in but it still says the samething over and over I need help bad email me at juanfromchicago57@gmail.com
If anyone can help me figure out this problem with my sons Ipod it would help so much.His computer is not recognizing it are charging it. We have tried on 2 computers and can't get the I tunes to come up either the apple symbol will pop up but thats all it will do.
same problem can anyone help PLEASE
So has anyone found an answer to this problem yet because, I am too having the same problem. Please email me back if you have the answer. x3_ferstlers_ladii@yahoo.com
yes if you pluged it in to someone lap top or they pluged there ipod in your laptop it will delet your place on itunes
Yes I am having the same problem has any one figured it out yet?
i have had the same problem what am going to try is redowling itunes software again incase there anything wrong with that if not to make another appoiment in the apple shop to get the problem fixed there a pain they are !
i am having the same problem as well. anyone figure out how to fix it?
yes there is a problem with your cable most likely
find an apple store near you, they will take it and tell you what is wrong withit for free. but they will charge you if it needs to be fixed. updating and reseting are fre though
my laptop is an hp mini and I can not get my ipod touch to charge! its frusterating!
theres nothing wrong with my cord because it works on a different computer. is it hp? my otther hp laptop wont show its connected and wont charge it either.