I tunes wont initiate when i plug in my ipod [Solved/Closed]

 Gab -
My itunes does not initiate when I plug in my ipod.It doesnt even show up as a devise on My Computer.This is a new problem.I cant think of anything ive done to cause this problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hey guys,
i do not know if this will help you guys but I was using a duracell cable to connect iphone 3gs 32gb to itunes, latest version, I switched from that cable back to apple cable and it worked, so this worked for me, hope this helps someone
i had the same problem and looked this up but what happened for me was that I jus needed to let it charge for a second because it was so dead that it wasnt triguring so I let it sit and then it turned on itself and then showed up.... hope this helps
hey wen I plug in my ipod shuffle nutin shows up on itunes..why is that?? write me back and help!

If youve plugged it in to anyother computer to put music on it then it will erase evrythinq yu have ! So what you have to do is only have ONE computer you use to put music on it or else EVERYTHINq will get ERASED .
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
isn't that only if you set it to 'Synchronise'?
you have to put it on manual and then when you switch computers it wont erase
when I plug my shuffle to my pc it dosent even charge it only give me 3 orange lights and the BLANK . plz plzzzzz help am diein over here
Hey had the exact same problem, yesterday it wouldnt register at all on my computer. And today its not even chargin when I plug it in. Has anyone figured out how to get it working yet?
Hey :)
Just uninstall iTunes and reinstall it, works fine after that :)
> Nikki-May
haha ...how do ya do that?
Hey Bro I had the same problem I plugged my nano 4th gen in and it doesnt come on itunes or it doesnt even say charging on the ipod and when I unplug to do the menu and play thing it just cuts off its so aannoyying ig u have a way to fix it plz help me
Nikki-May, do you lose your songs if you unistall itunes?

hi I had the same problem and while your charger is plugged in to both your ipod and the computer you hold the menu and center button for a while until the apple mark comes up and then you may have the option to fix the problem and that's what I did because I desperately wanted to put some new music and delete some off my ipod. This process deleted my whole library and even the playlists (my girlfriend is going to be pissed) well once this is done you disconnect and connect again and you are ready to sync. For me the orange bar showed up on the meter where it shows how much music you have left.. just press sync once and the orange bar will go away.. I really hope this helps
P.S if you think its the cable its best to borrow a friends and try it on the same computer..if the ipod shows its charging that means the cable still works
I have the same problem, my ipod doesn't even show as a device. I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes, and still nothing. This seems to only have happened since I updated itunes the other day. Anyone else update before they had this problem? And has anyone found a solution?
mine did the same thing when itunes updated when I plug my phone in the computer knows its there but itunes does not and if turn on itunes it just lock up
yeah, mine does that too, but its only because after you install a new itunes update you have to restart your computer, not just turn it off, so it can fully install the updates. and it wont sync your ipod or whatever until you've restarted. so yeahhh.
When I connect my Ipod it doesnt syncronize... (it only charges) plus it says unkown device
and meanwhile its charging it shows the apple sighn again and again
i have got the problem and can't seem to fix it as I tried a new cable and I reinstalled itunes but still nothing. The ipod is working fine and it charges but it won't reconise it for some reason. please help! thank u

ps... I need new songs!
Hey dude I have a ipod nano and it had the same problem ,it gets charged but it doesnt get detectedf by the computer or itune,what I did was I played songs on my ipod al night long until it completly finished and please check again if it finished and else play a song again until it says it's battry is empty and ittry crashing it by clicking ramdom buttons and the connect to your computer,it worked for my one.

good luck.....

Reset your ipod. Works every time.
> KanesTheName
Okayy But I Have Like 3 Different Cords But Yet They Still Don't Work :(.
> Cierra
Hi Cerra, I had tried everything listed above, Reset the Touch I pod, reinstall Itunes but nothing was working, so finally I jiggled the power chord (slightly pulling it out) and of course it began charging and connecting. Just like the toilet flusher...
Best of luck
> Fishman
I have had the same issues before and mine had to do with the plug and play and the usb port.
Open device manager when the ipod is connected and look at devices(portable) to see if you see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it.
If you do, right click on it and choose uninstall.
After you uninstall it click on Action on the top bar and select scan for hardware changes.
The usb port should find it again and try to reinstall the driver for it.
If it is successful, iTunes should open or if it is already open the ipod will show up again under iTunes.
> Fishman
my dum ipod is locked some how and I cant get it unlocked
Yeah, sorry. I've reset it about five times, and it still doesn't work.
hey everyone, what worked for me was that I uninstalled then installed itunes. it works
On a mac, no need to uninstall anything. Just run a system Updates (from the Apple menu) and update to the latest version of iTunes. They fixed some sort of bug with this new version that resolves the not recognizing certain ipods. Beware though, the new version has to run an update to your iTunes library, so it may take a while to start up after running the update.
well I got the same problem but it says download 64-bit of itunes I do and still wont work plz help =)
hold down the middle button with the menu button until the apple logo appears (while its plugged into the computer) this resets the ipod but wont delete any songs etc from it. Works for me :)
i Have also had the same issue with my ipod touch since the upgrade to vrsion 8 the ipod classic works fine
yeah same stupid problem. It just started doing this when I downloaded the new version of itunes 2 days ago.
yah I know and now I can't do anything with it it so so f**king stupid
Hi. I had that same problem. And I thought I lost my Ipod since I plugged another Ipod and worked on the same pc... Then I had this idea to restart my Ipod. u can do that by Pressing and holding the menu key on ur ipod... and then it worked again....
Mine started doing this before I updated. I just updated 2 days ago to try and fix the problem. I thought it was the cable I was using while I loaned my good one to somebody, but I got the good one back and it still doing it....i have almost 50 new songs I need to put on it..
so which one is it? get a new cable or reinstall it? because my ipods working fine but it wont charge and it wont let me do anything like add new songs??
my ipod touch wont indecate that its charging wat do I do??
help me be4 I get pissed nd chuck it out the window
you need to refresh games and suff or set the time and date back to nomal mine dose it all the time
Hey there I had this same problem, what you have to do is make sure its not already connected , disconnect everything from your itouch connect the cable to your laptop/computer and then connect the cable to your ipod touch/phone :) hope it helps :D Also it could be that theres a new update :P

I was having the same problem. Reset your ipod by holding down the center button and menu button at the same time, once your ipod resets, plug it back into your computer, it should work. Good luck!
i had this problem tooo, resetting the ipod worked i'd try that before you go through the bother or installing itunes again:) XXXXX
just reinstall itunes nd if tht doesnt work wich it shud den yhu need a new one(:
just reinstall itunes nd if tht doesnt work wich it shud den yhu need a new one(:
I got the same problem as you all, but I dont got the answers, as I said before, my computer cant reconize ipod, maybe the USB ports are burned..

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