I tunes wont initiate when i plug in my ipod [Solved/Closed]

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My itunes does not initiate when I plug in my ipod.It doesnt even show up as a devise on My Computer.This is a new problem.I cant think of anything ive done to cause this problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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or if its frozen(black screen) flick the hold button and flick back then hold both the middle button and menu...happy listening
Thank you

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AHH! it didn't work for me! my ipod is still blank

omg, it worked, thanks so much, at first I doubted it but u proved me wrong. =D
Thanks guys... I just had the same problem and was about reinstall I tunes after 2 hours of trying to figure out what the problem was.. Worked like a charm.. Thanks..
Ok So I got it to turn back on lolz thxs so much but now its doing something and saying on the screen not to disconnect sooo do I just wait or idk because I dont want this to take to long Or ill have to restore and it will delete everything :l
heyy I had the same exact problem!!! it took me 4 hours straight to figure out how to fix it. on your ipod press the menu and center button at the same time and hold. between 6 and 10 seconds the screen will go black and have the apple symbol. after it resets itself you can sync it to your computer. hope this helps.

xoxo jordyn
aww thankyou for the help :)
This worked!!!!! Thank God! I thought I needed a new Ipod...thanks for your help!!
it still doesnt work!!! Plz help..... Like seiously I dont want 2 get another ipod
Do I press restore ipod then do a ipod sync? plz reply! D:
what if you have a shuffle? It doesn't have a menu button.
My itunes does not initiate when I plug in my ipod.It doesnt even show up as a devise on My Computer.This is a new problem.I cant think of anything ive done to cause this problem.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
i also have the same problem. my cable and ipod work fine because my ipod will charge with the wall adaptor. I thought it might be the usb plug but I connect my mouse to both plugs on my laptop and it works, also I did the same for my flash drive and it also works. what can be the problem?
on my ipod there is a picture ssaying to plug it into itunes and I do and nothing happens!!

I sort of have the same problem as you...

When I plug My Iphone in to my laptop the iphone starts chargin but it doesnt come up as anything in itunes...

It doesnt even come up in my devices on my laptop

Please help... I would be really appreciated
What about an iTouch?
KINDA WANT TO SYNC MY PRVIOUSLY RESTORED ipod touch for a trip but I cant. :( HelP?
My itunes just wont come up my laptop can connect with my ipod and thats it tbh.
my I-pod won't either show up in I-tunes or sync and I-tunes is saying that I have to delete a song that I bought from another computer but I didn't buy the song at all please help I have lots of new music to listen to but can't because I can't of the stupid song and I have had this problem for five months now
Thank you, mine finally works now too!!!!
whyi cannot connect my iphone in my laptop?
Guys,,, the "reset your ipod" thing really works,,, I rili tot i'd lost my ipod..haha... but its fine now,, just reset the ipod by holding the menu and center button both at the same time..
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If u reset your ipod would u lose everything from ur ipod like the musics and videos and stuff
My problem is that when I plug-in my Itouch, Itune reads it but the icon on "my comptuers" wont come up...
need help ~_~
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Hi Roger,

I think it is a cable problem since ipod use and system of plug and play device.
Thanks,I will get anew cable and give that a try.
i had this problem so I went to device manager, I uninstalled all usb hubs and controllers (one at a time) and then I restarted the computer. I let everthing regenerate and when computer was quiet, I plugged in my itouch and it then opened itunes and it began to sync! PROBLEM SOLVED! Good luck!
Hi everyone! I had the same problem with my iPod nano, it would charge but it wouldn't say it was charging and when I plugged it in it would say "Device not Recognized" plus now I'm having problem to add new songs to my iPod because it don't even show my iPod's name or what like usual!!! My iPod still in good condition and I already remove iTunes from my computer and re-download it but it still remain the same!!! What can I do??? I really need new songs for my iPod.... Help from u guys really appreciated!! Plzzzz
I had the same problem, and I just reset the ipod (menu and middle button...i think) and then it came up on itunes after that :-)

hi I had the same problem and while your charger is plugged in to both your ipod and the computer you hold the menu and center button for a while until the apple mark comes up and then you may have the option to fix the problem and that's what I did because I desperately wanted to put some new music and delete some off my ipod. This process deleted my whole library and even the playlists (my girlfriend is going to be pissed) well once this is done you disconnect and connect again and you are ready to sync. For me the orange bar showed up on the meter where it shows how much music you have left.. just press sync once and the orange bar will go away.. I really hope this helps
P.S if you think its the cable its best to borrow a friends and try it on the same computer..if the ipod shows its charging that means the cable still works
Thanks all for trying to help, but the only thing to do is to restart ipod, or reinstall itunes..

I found out that the problem is my computer, the USB port is broken after using ipod..
Hello everyone! I had the exact same problem with my iPod touch, it would charge (it wouldn't say it was charging though) and when I plugged it in it would say "Device not Recognized". I then called Apple support and they told me to do a whole bunch of things that weren't helping. In the end they told me to try and plug it on another computer and it worked. The problem was my USB ports on the computer, they weren't powerful enough for the iPod and they had worn out. To fix this problem you'll need to call your computer company.
thanks julia, it works for me also, I transferred my ipodtouch cable connector at the usb hub located at the back of my cpu. and it restored automatically. thanks a lot
hold down the middle and menu button down for 10 seconds it will restart your ipod then try it it worked for me!!!
I just fixed my problem cause when I plugged my Ipod in to my computer

the ipod would just start chargin but it didn't come up as anything in itunes.

Turns out the cord was a cord that was broken a long time ago that my brother switched on me >:(

Just change your cord and don't listen to anyone else!
I just fixed the problem I had with this. So I thought i'd post my way of fixing, just in case anyone else has the same issue as me. All I had to do was restart my computer, so some automatic updates could install. Easy as that. Haha
I think this problem start from this few days.My friends have same problem but Apple no feedback.
i have this problem from 3 days ago and ask from App but no any feedback.owo

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