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Heya folks! I've been reading the answers to similar questions and I plan to try and patch something together, but I thought I'd put a (more) specific example out there, and see if someone might be able to throw some good advice my way while I'm working on it. Different perspectives often have a clearer view.

I have a large (but unknown) number of Excel workbooks, and I'm looking for a way to check if data exists in a row, and if it does, copy and paste it to a new sheet, so I end up with many consolidated rows of the data on a single sheet.

I'm working for a vendor to a grocery chain, and I need to go through our price sheets - which have lots of extra data, disclaimers, spot for signature, etc - and glean what items have been offered, prices, and dates. I need to check Column D (starting in row 31 - ends at row 48), and if there is a UPC, copy information from the same row in Columns B, D, G, K, N, W, AC and AI if possible (I can't unprotect AI). Then, paste it on a different sheet, and repeat for the next row.

So far I've been looking at using ISEMPTY() to check for something in the UPC slot (Column D), and copying/pasting is relatively straightforward, but advancing down the rows has got me a little hung up. I see the .xlUp function used in a lot of the examples, but it just seems so inefficient... is there a better way?

I'm gonna start tinkering with this now, but I'd appreciate any input you folks have. I'll try to check back in shortly to answer questions and whatnot.


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So, after more poking around, I see people being scolded on other sites for not providing example code. Here's what I have so far... it's simple, and missing a few key steps - but it's there.


Sheets("Widget Sheet").Select

If Not IsEmpty("D31") Then
Application.CutCopyMode = False

End If

Windows("01-05-09 Widget.xls").Activate


It looks to me like I need two loops, one for going through the UPCs, and one to advance my target sheet down the rows. For some reason I'm having a heck of a time getting a nice loop set up. I know there are always 17 rows (31-48), so I have a constant loopcount number as long as for each row it checks the space to see if it's empty. I can't quite figure out how to get the range to move down to D32, however. I'm considering just making copies of this little piece 17 times >.<

Also, if possible I'd like to be able to switch back (or not switch away) from the current book so I can close it and move (ala "ActiveWindow.Close") on to the next one automatically. So far in my poking I haven't seen any way to set a variable to mirror the book name, and every one is named differently. Does anyone know a way?

Copying column AI seems to work fine, even though it is protected (I can't even select it with the mouse).

Thank you

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Well, it's not pretty, but it seems to work.

Here's what I ended up with.
For Each w In Workbooks
If w.Name <> ThisWorkbook.Name Then
w.Close savechanges:=True
End If
Next w
To select rows one after the next you set a loop

For c = 1 to 5 ' This would loop column A to E
For r = 31 to 48 ' This loops rows
Sheets("Your Sheet Name Here").Cells(r , c).select
' Add here what you need it to do i.e copy - paste
Next r
Next c