Is there a system limit to memory size? [Solved/Closed]

 tim -
My pc has two memory slots each holding a 512 MB DDR. [in fact, a recent enquiry to your website enabled me to get the use of both slots - thank you.] the machine runs quite well for my purposes, but im interested to know if i could upgrade one or both cards to 1 GB, to get a total memory of 1.5 or 2GB. Or do you think there is some system limit imposed by the motherboard, which would prevent me getting any mileage from bigger memory?
my machine is a viglen omnino about 5 years old, model number L297T.
i ran cpuz, which tells me that the motherboard is CLEVO model L29xT, and CPU is intel pentium 4630 with speed 3GHz.
the memory is 1024 MB DDR dual channel. Each 512 MB DDR is made by micron technology, part number mt8vddt6464ag-40bd1, max bandwidth PC3200 (200MHz).
i have to confess i dont know what all of these details mean, but ive tried to quote the details that seem most relevant (!) My question is.... If i took the memory DDRs into a good store, would i be able to upgrade one or both of the DDRs to 1GB, to get a total memory of 1.5 or 2GB? Do 1GB DDRs exist, compatible with the DDRs i currently have? And is there a system limit to memory size which would prevent me getting any mileage from bigger memory?
i'd be grateful for any easy-to-follow advice.
yours askingly

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Yes there is a memory limit that is set by the motherboard chip set. I checked the motherboard ID on the Internet and could not find any information. Finding 1 GB DDR memory boards might be a problem. They stopped making them 5 years ago.

The upgrade from 1 GB to 2 GB probably will not be worth the money you spend. Going from 1 MB to 1.5 might make the PC SLOWER since it would not be able to use "dual channel" memory access methods.

I suggest you save your money for a new computer.
Thanks for the rapid and straightforward response to my question. It puts the matter in perspective for me. My machine is fine as it is, for my uses, so i don't really need to spend time and money on improving it right now.