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Jim - Jan 22, 2009 at 04:44 PM - Latest reply:  soulman
- May 29, 2014 at 06:30 PM
My ACER laptop wont stay turned on. It keeps getting a message of The system is shutting down it has been authorized by NT AUTHORITY \SYSTEM. windows server must shut down because the DCOM Server Process Launcher terminated unexpectedly. I get a 30 second countdown and then the comp reboots and then THAT 'S IT! PLEASE HELP! I have tried starting it in F8 mode and nothing! That computer has Windows XP and Internet Explorer!
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xpcman 19100 Posts Wednesday October 8, 2008Registration dateContributorStatus July 16, 2018 Last seen - Jan 22, 2009 at 09:58 PM
Thank you
You appear to have one of the blaster worm variants. To keep the system from shutting down, as soon as it boots do this:

go to Start, Run, type in shutdown -a and enter

Here's the link to the long version of the instructions.

I would also download MalwareBytes anti-malware from and run their program in "SAFE MODE"

Good Luck.

Thank you, xpcman 9

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hey it worked for me but will it last and if it dont how do I do it where it will never pop up again {click start,run,type in shutdown-a
DCOM shutting my down - Jan 31, 2010 at 01:13 AM
Hello Users,

I am having the same problem and follow the steps:

(1) I type shutdown -a on dos prompt and then

(2) I clean my computer with Matwarebytes Anti_Malware software and my computer is very clean but my computer is still shutting down. What I am going to do next?

JM > DCOM shutting my down - Feb 2, 2010 at 06:32 PM
I have tried EVERYTHING including Malwarebytes anti-malware and STILL I get that darn message and it counts down from .59 seconds and shuts my computer down and then it restarts, very frustrating--I iont know if it is a virus, a trojan, a worm, malware, but I have every conceivable anti-program running and I still get this shutdown message with the RED X in a circle! Help!
im not getting the message it just shuts down please help!
Thank you
Do The One Thing Copy Services.exe From The Un Infected Pc From Windows\System32\Services.exe And Copy it to the infected PC And Replace It From The Infected One And Restart Ur PC! That Will Be All!
Thank you
I found something thanks to Google...

Engadget and say that it's a McAfee bug!

McAfee finds a false error and causes the DCOM shutdown. Follow the link in the article to download the 5959ddat.exe file

Problem solved! Let's hope that next time McAfee's programmers send the update to Testing before the release it to the public.
Thank you for this! I have McAfee so I will attempt to fix this now. The only problem is that after repeated restarts on my PC, it has now rendered all of my services unstartable. I went into Safe Mode and tried to run Malwarebytes and Mcafee. I get an error messages trying to run Mal, and McAfee won't start at all. I tried doing a system restore, but it keeps telling me the PC isn't protected and to restart and try again. This doesn't work... I have gone to last known good config, but this just brings me back to the 'not right' version of my XP desktop that I had after the many reboots (didn't read this article until after several).

So, I'm not sure how I can do this fix when I can't even open McAfee grrrr...
Jenny, exact same problem here today.
Thanks so much for catching this! Saved me loads of time.
xpcman 19100 Posts Wednesday October 8, 2008Registration dateModeratorStatus July 16, 2018 Last seen - Feb 2, 2010 at 07:03 PM
Thank you
This does sould like the old MBlaster worm

do this to stop the shutdown

go to Start, Run, type in shutdown -a and enter

then download and run the symantec Mblaster remover

Good Luck
i'm no expert neither, but I have the same problem after I have install AVG. Before I use to have avast and I had no problems. Now since I download that free 30 days trial of AVG I have that sutting down problem.
i am using avast and I have problem it gets shut down in after 1 hour and if I start computer just after that it keeops shutting down but if I start it after 15-30 mints it again works for few hours and gets shut down pls suggest what I can do?
pls sugges what I shuld do?
cheak the pwr connection !!!are clean RAM with rabber!!!!!!!or motherboard failure
yep, me too... It was right after the 30 daytrial download that my pc went to crap! before the dcom shutdown I had another virus that avg couldn't get rid of. i'm trying the Symantec worm blaster removal now
Thank you
please backup you data using external then reinstall os.
mahmoudhawa222 1 Posts Monday April 19, 2010Registration date April 19, 2010 Last seen - Apr 19, 2010 at 03:06 PM
Thank you
you can write this code
open run then write shutdown -a
to abrt shut down
Thank you
what shoullld I dooooooooo?????????????