Windows shut down - restart attempt fails

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 surgam -
Desperate need of help! My laptop froze and I had to manually shut it off to restart it. When it restarted it came up with the black screen/white letters that reads:

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully...etc..."

And it gave me options as to continue in "Safe Mode" and to continue normally...I've tried each of the options and each one results in a blue screen that flashes really quickly with white words but my computer shuts off automatically, not giving me time to read any of it. It restarts on its own and does the same thing. I've tried not selecting anything and letting it "start windows" in its own "in 30 seconds". And still it goes to the blue screen.

So I grabbed my camera and recorded it so I could pause and read it. What I see is that:

"A problem has occurred and Windows has been shut down to protect damage to your [somethingorother]."

And then it says that it could be because of hardware/software that's been unproperly downloaded or something and to make sure that it's downloaded correctly. But I can't get on the computer to do that! (Keeps shutting off after that.) Is this fixable? I can say goodbye to the computer - but I can't say goodbye to the files!!! Are they rescuable to put onto another computer somehow if it can't be fixed? Please help.

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ok here's what I did to finally get it (my laptop) to boot up. I downloaded the microsoft memory diagnostic tool (from with another computer onto a cd. on my problem laptop I changed the BIOS setting to read the DVD first, then floppy, then hard drive, so I could boot from the cd. (to change the BIOS setting after you turn the computer on keep tapping F8 to get to the BIOS menu, go to boot, then prioritize, depending on your system. thats how I changed it in mine). ok, so once the setting was changed to read the DVD drive first, I shut the computer down, inserted the CD with the tool program in the DVD drive, and restarted it. after it did its thing for a few it went right into running the memory checks. unfortunately, that seems to be the propblem with my computer (all the tests failed) but once all six packets were completed, I exited from the test (it will continue to run until you exit it) and surprizingly it finally brought my to my log in screen. once I logged in I was able to save my data to an external hard drive, just in case it was the last chance I had. I did remove the CD once I logged in (if you leave it in the computer will consistently run the diagnostic on turn on) and after I saved the data I shut down the computer to see if I could log in normally now, and I was able to (i left the BIOS setting to DVD first). I didn't get the error message again that wouldn't allow me to log in but my original problem, the blue screen of death, was still there. thankfully I was able to get the data off my computer and brought the laptop in for service, still under warranty. I hope this helped someone out there. I know how frustrating it is.
Thank you

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well this problem is occuring to me right now... like I can't even run WoW or Ventrillo with out my computer going to taht damn blue screen.. and I checked for updates as it asks you to do and there are no updates, i'm on an hp laptop with vista, (and I can't throw away this computer, I can't afford a new one =/ (only 17) ) anyone know what to do?
Hi all . Just download " Mini Windows XP " iso , burn a cd , boot from cd and you can have access to you hard drive. just save your data on any external drive ( flash drive or external hdd ) . then do what ever you want. but to get out of from that " BLUE Screen " error you have to reinstall the OS.

what is the program u open when your laptop restart uninstall it
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when you start up, press any key as soon as you see black screen. this will take you to a black screen with a number of options. Go to recovery, press enter on recovery, and follow steps to re-start computer to original default settings that came with the pc when you bought it. This procedure is known as re-formatting. hopefully you have already backed up your data onto a disc or external hard drive. then after the pc is re-formatted, then re-install your data from the disk. you should no longer see the blue screen of death. My pc is an hp pavillion, and this procedure has worked for me. Good luck!
Oh my gosh! This happened to my laptop (except its my dads). I looked everywhere for an answer and Im so glad someone found one. Thank you! I'll try it! (I'll need my dad's consent before downloading, so I might get in trouble or something). But thanks for giving me an actual, definite, layman terms answer!
I have same symptoms, just started last night, Gateway desktop. It shut down by itself and, upon manual (push the button) restart, black then blue screens then shuts off again. Safe mode same action, tried disabling automatic restart, no impact. Seems like trouble, a dozen or so discrete users with same problem...
PS-my original problem started a few months back and it was getting the blue screen, intermittently and with no apparent common factors, and the computer would shut down then restart, but I was able to log in most of the time before I got another blue screen. then recently, I got this exact problem, and was unable to log in at all. and you know where I went from here.......
Hi my name is Satish
I saw your problem, the problem is your laptop BIOS setting. to solve this problem go to BIOS setting,in that Harddisk
u select the IDE. By default it will take AHCI which will support for the Sata harddisk. Just change that option with the IDE. your problem will get solve.
Acknowledge the receipt.

Satish G
> ndrichard2004
keyboard error, ????

After a couple of strugle on this challenging problem, I was finally able to fix the problem.

Get a boot cd -for your system- and start up with that. It starts up normal. Then you can recover your data.
keyboard and keyboard controller and also motherboard is OK. 2 files for keyboard (registry) were corrupted. I will fix them also.

hope this help, just do not hit/shake your keyboard:-)

Satish thank you so much I cant believe that I didn't think about your answer it was so simply. I reconfigured the bios as you said and it worked perfect. Thanks your awesome.

could desribe more detail, about blue screen (i have limited skills)

my computer only boots to safe mode


Thank you so much! I had installed XP on a former Vista laptop several months ago and the blue screen restart started happening yesterday. After I read your post and checked my bios settings and sure enough, the configuration had changed from IDE to AHCI. After I switched it back, my computer started fine! I have no idea why that setting changed by itself, but now everything is back to normal. Thank you Satish!
Thank you Satish,
Actually I flashed my BIOS 2 days ago , but some thing went wrong and my computer shut down, after I tried to boot it but it would not go beyond the bios and when it started to load the windows it would abruptly shut it self down, first I though it was the bios as I flashed it wrongly but then I thought it can't be that because I can see the bios and I can configure the setting. not knowing what to do I searched the net, finally I read Satish's comment and vola... windows boot perfectly.. I hope some body finds this information use full.
My system restarted after a Blue Screen of Death, and now I'm faced with a Bad PBR error. The Dell guys don't know where their mouse is, let alone the cause of the error, and I need help. i'm not in a position to buy any new hard drive or something, and I want to retrieve my 200 GB of data with hundreds of dollars of software without burning out my DVD burner and filling up my cabinets with DVDs. What can I do?
From the windows xp recovery console I used the command: chkdsk /p/r

The chkdsk command checks the specified drive and repairs or recovers the drive if the drive requires it. The command also marks any bad sectors and it recovers readable information.

You can use the following options:
/p Does an exhaustive check of the drive and corrects any errors.
/r Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information.
Note If you specify the /r option, the /p option is implied. When you specify the chkdsk command without arguments, the command checks the current drive with no options in effect
Wow so no one really knows how to answer this. First of all, if your computer can't boot into windows, thank God it still turns on.

Second, you can do a repair on the sytem by using a bootable windows disc (XP users need XP and Vista needs Vista). Boot the cd first, then instead of doing a fresh install, choose "R" for repair. Next screen you will need to specify the partition (normally its 1) and the password if applicable. Next type in chkdsk /f and let it run and finish. Next try the sfc /scannow and if it runs great, if not, restart your computer by typing exit on the next line and boot off the hard drive

If that doesn't work then download a copy of WinPE (for vista and above) or BartPE (for XP and below). You can find them on Google, search for "WinPE" (put in the quotes for exact match) and "BartPE". These are pre-environment CDs that allow you to view your hard drive without actually having a operating system. Download the file as .iso and use a program like poweriso or imgburn to burn the image to the disc. Put the disc in your crappy computer and select to boot off cd. Save your files.

I'd recommend if you can't boot into windows even after a fresh installation, you need to replace the hard drive (if it makes a clicking sound), ram, bios chip, power supply, motherboard.
The same thing is happening to my laptop and I am freaking out b/c I have tons of pictures and documents on there that I never backed up anywhere. Did you get your problem resolved or find a way to rescue your files?
I am having the EXACT same problem too! Did you guys get it fixed yet? I'd REALLY appreciate any help. I too recorded the blue screen that flashes before it restarts to see if I could use the internet to find out what it's doing and why but no help yet. (although it did get me to this forum! so hopefully it did!) I'm losin my mind here.......
if you haven't got a cam just press f8 and disable automatic restart on system failure..and it should stop at that blue screen but i'm sure in most cases its the same screen anyway.
i just try with win2000 and format the c:drive and when it restart again u put the win xp cd. it works fine.......
your cd drive or another component may be on th same IDE warning channel, try disconnecting it and restarting with just the bare essentials, harddrive, mouse, keyboard, etc..
I too was having the same problem with my PC after I upgraded my RAM to 2GB. The blue screen kept popping up saying I should disable any new hardware or software, contact my hardware/software provider etc. Eventually I pulled out both the 1GB RAMS and tried each one individually and realised that one was malfunctioning. I have just 1GB of RAM now and my PC works perfectly fine. Unfortunately I wasn't able to exchange the malfunctioning RAM!!!!
mine is bein like that yesterday I swiched it off normally and when I switched it back on today blue screen u cant even read wat it says which is very helpful. I live for my lapotop its onli 6months old so I cant swee y its like that
Am also having the same problem and have not been able to find any info on this. Would love to hear if anyone solves it!
It has been suggested to me that it may be a virus. I had installed a router and used the laptop once again after that. It was slow shutting down and since then it refuses to start. So not sure if it is the router that has caused it or something more sinister!
hi, I've just read it right now but sorry I don't have an answer for this case right now I can investigate for this but honestly not today ..
by the way am here just to tell you that about the point of rescuing your files , I think it s possible by just reading your hardisk via another computer as I think that the problem is related to H/W or Win Bug so that the availability of retaining your files is high.
> peaches
It's not some kind of virus/trojan but rather than it is windows system error it might have happen bcos you may have deleted any software or application and with that some windows system files have been deleted from windows/system32 directory.

The only way to recover from it without formatting is to use windows xp bootable cd if os is win xp and then go to BIOS, in BOOT option give CD Rom or DVD rom as 1st BOOT priority, then restart the system, whenever it say boot from the CD.. press any key, press Enter or any key and follow step over there and use (R) Windows recovery option. It will copy the deleted file to system32 folder and machine will work fine as before.
boot from cd(windows cd), after that when the choices come out, press R on the command prompt type select 1, enter, then type chkdsk /r/p then enter
> arnold
no way.....

My name is arnold and I had computer problems on the same date aswell.....

Scary.. Well ne way, My problem is, My Internet page sometimes completely stops loading, or shut down propts appear and if I click cancel, all windows programs etc close..

Please me.. :D
> arnold
You Rock! I loaded the windows cd, went to recovery (R) and entered CHKDSK - it ran a test for about 5 minutes, I restarted and the computer came back up. You made me feel like I am someone, adn my wife will think I'm smart.

Thanks Arnold!

Leafer C
pls. let me know a.s.a.p.
I have a Sony VAIO and it keeps saying its found new hardware USB PC Camera and it isnt plugged in. I installed the camera then it just played up from there with the blue screen. It is driving me mad and I need to know how to resolve it before I lose my temper. It must be a corrupted webcam I suppose but none the less I need to know how to resolve it.
simple fix don't install it
I'm running a diagnostic of the Hard drive on my HP Pavilion dv6000 due to the same problem, I'll update in 41 minutes as to if its sucessful or not.
Im havin this same problem and it just keeps doing it over and over again. I dont know what to do. I have the Blue screen that fashes but its so fast that I cant read it then another blue screen pops up and says that is checking a disk? idk then it acts like it trys to start up but instead a black screen comes up that says "sorry for the inconvience..bla bla bla something about safe mode or start up normally and it gives me some other options but it never works it just keeps going on and on. Is anyone else getting this disk cleanup screen? Im so not computer smart...i dont know what to do..freakin out!
after I start my pc it shut off automatically again & again what will I do???
as I said previously tap f8 and you should be able to see more options, disable automatic restart on system failure to see the blue screen properly
> mastermind
I hit F8 and only get option of safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt and last known good configuration. No option to disable auto start.
> 000stewie
I have the same exact problem as you and I don't know whats wrong with it
> mastermind
I have the same problem. I recently upgraded my cpu, ram, and mobo. When I hit F8 it takes me to a menu of my boot priorities. My mobo is a Asus A8n32-SLI.

> finnmcclure
Have you fixed your problem?
I have the same situation.
F8 takes me to select first boot device area.
Any answers?
Hi mine is doing exactly this too, I'm not very up to date with computers is there an "idiots guide" on how to rectify this problem?!!!!
similar problems with my computer, but I have a PC not a laptop
for a laptop try checking the bottom, ejecting the hard drive and putting it back may just be loose
I took out my hard drive like it was stated above and now I can't even get my computer to start. I push the power on button and nothing happenes.
your pc wont turn on without a hard drive
Maybe you did not put in the hard drive correcty. Probably something hadn't clipped in or something. Double check to make-sure you inserted the hard drive correctly..
hey i'm having all the same problems flash blue restart over n over. I think its cus I forgot I was in system restore and I stopped in the middle of it. I messed with a few things then power button did not work. it was only starting from quickplay. I googled some stuff and went on you tube and it showed me how to take apart dashboard safely. one guy said his power cable didnt work so he switched it with quick play one. well power cable which runs underneath the keyboard was just detached. ok. that fixed the power. but. im still stuck in the same previously mentioned pattern. I need to save my data. hey can't I just take out the hard drive and copy it somewhere and handle the I think ''physical'' cpu problem after im all relaxed about my files??? =) thanks..
push the back power switch and the front at the same time(hint make sure it is pluged in)
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Last night I booted up my pc which I hadn't used for a fair few days, upon loading I wasn't able to access the start menu on windows as it would simply play a "dum" sound however msn and all the other programs loaded in the background but I was only able to access msn. I restarted my pc as you would because I couldn't shut down through windows and what happens? I get the "A problem has occured.." and with whichever option I choose - safe mode, windows etc. I get the blue screen of death flashing, I can't even read it because within a fraction of a second it reboots! I can't get into bios because when I do get in, whichever option I choose it freezes on and reboots! I really don't want to loose any of my files because there's hundreds of pounds worth of downloaded music and software on it which I cannot back up as I can't access it!

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please help! I heard it could be a virus but wouldn't McAfee have detected that?
video tape it and pause it befor it gos of pause it and read it