Dell inspiron 1501 won't turn on

becky - Jun 4, 2011 at 11:03 AM
 CalebEditzTV - Apr 7, 2017 at 11:23 PM

My three year old inspiron 1501 will not turn on at all- pressing the power button does nothing. I had the error message that the "ac adapter could not be determined" so I ordered a new battery , but that did not change anything. I have a new charger on the way. Any other ideas on what it could be?

Thank you.

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Anonymous User
Jun 4, 2011 at 01:03 PM

Try this:

1) Disconnect the AC power adapter --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power

button for 60 seconds --> Now reconnect the AC power adapter and try to

switch ON the laptop. Later put the battery back into the laptop.

Good Luck
It worked! Thank you!
Anonymous User
Jun 4, 2011 at 02:07 PM
Happy to know that I came back to the normal.

Thanks for the idea! I was about to get rid of my computer, but this worked!
it worked for me as well!!! BTW do you know why taht happened? Do I need to change the battery or what? Thanks again
Holy crap it worked.. Thank you internet geeks!
It depends on your power settings in the bios. On the older Precisions I've had them setup to use full power and they

refused to even recognize a 65W adapter was plugged in until you turn on all kinds of power saving and throttling options.

However once you shut them down they will charge just fine off a 65W adapter.

There's more to this than 65W vs. 90W. If that had been the only difference, you would not be having a problem. In

selecting a charger unit, you need to make sure several items match up:
1. Is the charger unit supplying AC or DC to the laptop? MUST be same as specified for the original charger.
2. Type of battery in the laptop. Many chargers are designed for a particular battery type and supply exactly the right

voltage and charging rate (current) for that. Some even are "programmed" to alter the charging rate depending on the state

of the battery's charge. All have a limit on the battery's maximum voltage to avoid over-charging. All of these are

important, and that's why using the wrong charger can cause trouble.
3. Polarity of the connector - MUST be the same as original.
4. Voltage MUST be the same.
5. Wattage MUST be at least as much as the original charger, can be higher without problems.
6. Max amps must be at least as much as the original, can be higher.
7. Connector on the end of the charger cord - must be the same size pins and spacing so that it fits the connector in your
laptop without damaging it.
YEAAAAAA! It worked! Thank !
The method actually worked :D
Surprised to see that a laptop less than a month old is doing this, nevertheless thanks mate
I have a problem with my dell inspiron n suddenly switched off when I was watching a movie and I can't switch it on again at all.i tried removing the battery and is 3years old.pkz help :(
I have same problem on my Inspiron 1420. May I know how you solved this problem? I have connected another power cord, apparently the light at power cord turn off after I connect to the laptop