E-mails with ugly langauage and nudity

santho - Jan 23, 2009 at 08:34 PM
 santho - Jan 24, 2009 at 08:14 AM
Everyday I am getting 10 to 15 e-mails with nude photos with filthy language. Usually the headinng of the miail is like" SEXUALLY EXPLICIT AND PRONE". As soon as I receive this type of mails I put into the spam. But it comes in another name.I already put almost 100 mails into spam but it appears in a different way.
I have CA internet security, which I downloaded from my cable provider.Initially it was 1 year, then I will need to buy. But since couple of months internet security expiry date shows as the same date of the next year as a result it never expires.
please adv

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try these:
if you are using Windows Live Hotmail:

To add a sender to your Windows Live Hotmail blocked senders list:

* Select Options | More Options. from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
* Follow the Safe and blocked senders link under "Junk e-mail".
* Click "Blocked senders".
* Type the undesired email address under Blocked e-mail address or domain:.
You can block all addresses at a domain, the domain is what comes after the '@' sign in an email address, by entering just that.
* Click "Add to list".

And if you are using MSN Hotmail

To block mail from an email address in Hotmail:

* Select Options from the main Hotmail navigation bar.
* Make sure the Mail category is selected.
* Follow the Junk E-Mail Protection.
* Click Block Senders.
* Now type the address you want to block in the single entry field on the left.
* Click Add.
* Now click OK.
I am using Yahoo mail, everyday I put these type os mails into spam.But no use.
kindly adv is it becouse of my internet security or they create these type mails and send to my email account.
pls advice..