Apple Mail backup: mailbox, emails, iCloud

Apple Mail backup: mailbox, emails, iCloud

If you're not keen on archiving emails in your Mail application, Mac OS users can backup their emails in a folder on their hard drive.

How to back up mailbox and emails on Apple Mail app?

  • Close out the Mail application and copy the following folder location into your Finder:
Drive/Users/username/ Library/Mail
  • Drag and drop the folder onto your removable disc. To restore it, simply copy it back from the hard disc to your hard drive.
  • The system will ask if you would like to replace the existing folder. Confirm by clicking Yes.

N.B. You can also access your Mail preferences file by heading to:

Hard disk/Users/username/Library/preferences/ 

How to use iCloud to back up Mail? 

  • Go into the Apple Mail app and select Mailbox.
  • Go to the menu bar and then choose Export Mailbox.
  • Decide where you want the export to go, and confirm. 
  • Your Apple emails will now have been extracted as an MBOX file. You now need to migrate the MBOX file to iCloud using an MBOX converter tool. 
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