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Hi guys tell me to stop these spam problems on msn??This hecking boring please help me!

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You can do it with Adium as well. Don't go into Adium Preferences, instead use to top menu where it says "Adium" next to the apple logo (leftmost side) underneath Preferences you'll see "Privacy Settings", click it and select Allow only contacts on my contact list... done
Thank you

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Does not work by blocking "All Others" I still get spam... hating MS more and more each day.....
Wicked thanks!"who did this pic of you" !!!!!!!annoying!!!!!!111
Thanks! This was the first result I checked from google search for 'msn spam'. The quick hint for Adium has saved me from this annoyance.
Same here!
Sorry, that doesn't work for me, either. Spammers keep wanting to add me as their "friend."
I have found that using the "Real" MSN Messanger program to setup the contact settings helps this problem. There you can say only allow people that I have added to send messages.

It would be nice if Adium added these options as well as I was drowning in a sea of pointless pussy messages!
Oh dear god thank you!
exact response as #7

My god thanks!!
been looking for that for long time
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lol hey devil skater you are really funny mate , i don't think you should remove msn for such reason lol

I was going bananas with so much SPAM!!!!
Thanks!!! it really worked out fine... i was going nutts! i recieved around 50 messages daily!

Thanks mate!
Again, thank you- obvious option I had overlooked.
thanks so much I should have explored that before finding this.

btw cutie wanna hook up arg!!!!
thank you so much!